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Jan 3, 2012 12:14 PM

Seasonal Pantry (Supper Club)

I was part of a group of 10 who celebrated a birthday last night at the Seasonal Pantry. I really liked it a lot. It isn't a restaurant exactly, but it's a store that sells sweet pickles and things in jars, Domino brown sugar (???), ice cream made there and a variety of other things. For dinner, they set up a high-end picnic table in the middle of the room. Dan, the chef, came out in the beginning and gave an intro, plus he introduced each course. He had a couple of people there helping him with plating. The food was delicious. We started with a delicious oyster shooter - a warm soup. Two carafes of wine, a white and a red, were placed on the table and were replenished several times. We had:

Cauliflower (Lemon, Cashews, Panchetta) This was very different and truly excellent. It was a chilled cauliflower pudding, topped with a variety of foraged herbs, parmesan toast, plus the lemon, cashews and panchetta listed on the menu. Each bite was different from the last as each bite combined the pudding with a different topping. I really loved this. They passed around a basket of bread rolls during this course and kept them coming. I would have liked the rolls much better had they been served warm - but they were good.

Apple (Fois Gras, tarte tatine, and a French preparation of fois gras that tasted like butter) The fois gras was served atop cooked apples. Delicious.

Duck (Egg Noodles, Scallion, Radish) He mentioned that he was considering doing ramen and this was an effort in that direction. It didn't taste like ramen to me at all. I would have liked this much better if he hadn't mentioned ramen! The dish was very good though.

Pork (Bordelaise, Marrow, Red Cabbage) This was a very large, pink and tender pork chop with an incredible bordelaise and a tiny bit of red cabbage. I was getting very full at this point and couldn't finish it.

Dessert - this was a cross between banana bread and sticky toffee pudding, served with whipped cream. Delicious.

Then we were given an very good chocolate chip cookie to take home.

An excellent meal, for $92.50 each, including wine, tax and tip. We paid the host up front via Pay Pal, which was nice, as there was no exchange of money while we were there.

I would most definitely recommend this for a special occasion meal for 10-12 people. They do a regular supper club 3 nights a week. I think for that you can reserve for a smaller number of people, then share the table with a few strangers - which I think would be fun.

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  1. Oh, another thing they had on the table was a very thin and crunchy crispbread which I really liked. It had a faint taste of wood smoke.

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        1314 1/2 9th St. NW - I think the cross street is N or O.

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        I stop in there for his wonderful products and am always curious about the dinner club, but haven't had any first-hand reports. Thanks so much for this! Their salted caramel ice cream is the best thing ever, by the way.

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          This would be a great Chow dinner....

          I'd do it, if there were vegetarian accomodations. But I'd definitely do it!

      3. we were there with 13 people on Saturday night, celebrating graduations. I'm definitely not what you would call a foodie, but I was extremely impressed with the presentation, the number of courses, the quantity of food (plenty, but not too much), and Dan himself. He introduced each course with a brief explanation of the preparation and ingrediants, and then got back to work getting the next course ready on what would rate as closer to an EZ Bake Oven than it would to what you'd expect a chef to be using (OK, maybe more like a hot plate).

        We had made a couple of dietary restriction requests which he easily was able to handle. Don't know if you went as a couple if he could do that, but between the two familied present, we were all in agreement about the restrictions.

        Dan's love of food, cooking, and making people happy is obvious, and the time (well over 2 hours, we didn't start until after 8PM) passed too quickly. Could sit and listen to his stories for hours and hours.

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          I'd love to hear about the menu if you have it!

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            It's the menu that is on the site right now:

            Although he had to switch out the rabbit for short ribs (I am SO not complainign about that), as he had been traveling and decided that (paraphrasing) butchering 30 rabbits was not something he had time to do.

            There were also a couple amuse bouches (my bouche was very amused) -- I forget the first one, the second was based on a very small piece of fried chicken skin. Dessert was berries and a honey/cracked pepper ice cream (Seasonal Pantry makes some amazing ice creams -- they used to have their own "ice cream CSA", not sure if they still do or not), and a homemade chocolate chip cookie, too.