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Jan 3, 2012 12:10 PM

Best Seafood Dishes in RI?

I'm compiling information for an article I'm writing and would love to solicit opinions as to the best seafood dishes in RI. We can skip over all clam shack offerings (clam cakes, basic fried seafood) & lobster rolls as I'm looking for those truly special restaurant creations you've discovered. What are your top three seafood dishes and where can I try them? Thanks!

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  1. great topic! i love providence oyster bar on federal hill and am a big fan of their food in general, but one of their dishes is stellar and creative enough to be noteworthy. they do a salad of bacon wrapped sea scallops over baby spinach with warm fried goat cheese, a warm maple bacon vinaigrette and it's topped with a poached egg. it's been on the menu since they opened and it just might qualify as "the perfect bite"!

    1. Wow, it's been a long time since I've had any non-shellfish seafood dish that blew me away. Gracies has prepared some great fish dishes for us but, honestly, I think the best was a spicy and memorable prepared full fish at Sun and Moon Korean in East Providence, but that was years ago, and I can't speak for their recent quality.

      1. Off to good start! These sound like great options. Anyone else want to weigh in with their favorites?

        1. For me, simple and fresh is best, so while the fluke crudo or the pan-seared monkfish or skate wing over risotto at Nick's are outstanding, my idea of the best is a dozen or two RI oysters with a bottle of muscadet at sunset on the outdoor deck of Matunuck Oyster Bar. Does not get any better anywhere.

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            Gin N Tonic:
            You have ended this discussion as far as I am concerned. It gets no better than the two ideas you have presented.

          2. By far one of my favorite seafood indulgencies is the Lobster Rueben at the Brick Alley Pub in Newport RI. Everything a regular Reuben has, but replace the Corned beef with Lobster, awesome. The second place would have to be Retrovo's in East Greenwich/ Warwick RI, they do a Lobster Rissoto that will blow your mind. The third seafood dish I have to recommend would have to be Spain they make a killer seafood Paella. These are not in any kind of order just some of the best I have found.

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              I'd have to repeat your #1 and #3 but go comfort food for number 2. Fish and Chips at Tommy's Pizza in Cranston. I know you are thinking but it's a pizza place. The batter is perfect, the fish is tender and the chips are crunchy and tasty (The other plus is the fact that I am convinced they use nuclear fusion to cook food there as I have never had a plate set before me that I did not have to check to make sure It was not going to scald the inside of my mouth.)

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                Tommy's has great Fish & Chips and their pizzas are the best...must order the broccoli pizza! Also, Iggy's in Warwich has great chowder and fish and chips.

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                My vote is definitely for the paella at Spain. Simply outstanding.

                Otherwise, it's the classic clam shack offerings - steamers, mussels, F&C, lobster roll, etc.

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                  These are just the sort of out-of-the-fried clam box suggestions I was hoping for! Thank you! Will definitely try these.

                  More opinions are most welcome!