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Jan 3, 2012 12:07 PM

Info On "Pizza Bread" from NJ?

I posted this in the NJ forum as this bread originated in Newark, NJ. Does anyone have information or a recipe for "pizza bread"? This is the round bread used for Italian Style Hot Dogs. I now bake bread and would like to make this at home. It was mentioned that the dough for this bread is pizza dough. Any info would be appreciated.

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  1. I would say it is similar to a focaccia dough. Just make it into the ring.

    1. I grew up in Jersey and now live in Va. I miss all the good food especially the Italian Hot Dogs. I make them often and the one thing you must have is the Pizza Bread, yes its Pizza Dough.
      I just go to my local Pizza joint and buy it from them or Whole Foods usually carries quality ready to use dough. Delish !!!!

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        What method do you use to form and bake it? Do you roll it out to 10" or so, at maybe what thickness. How about the hole? Thanks for the reply!!! This bread should be posted on the Internet for home bakers. When I make it right, I will take pictures and post it on thefreshloaf. The bread is that good and should not be forgotten.

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          I just roll it to about an inch & 1.2 whatever diameter that makes, I'm not sure.
          When it's done and cools, I cut it into 1/4's to make 4 portions. Holds 2 dogs, peppers, Onions & the taters. You can also make two smaller ones and cut in half.
          You have to check every now and then and knock down any bubbles before they crust up on you, I just poke them with a large fork.

      2. Today I made some rolls and tried my luck at "Pizza Bread", as shown in the pic. This pizza bread came out the best so far. I made Italian Style Hot Dogs for lunch today and used this loaf. What a treat!

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          Did you mention before that you could buy the "pizza bread" in Woodbridge? My father is from Newark but now lives in Edison and he has been trying to buy this bread for homemade Jimmy Buff's.