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Jan 3, 2012 11:15 AM

Banh Mi in Rockville, Md. area?

I get down to Maryland once every couple of months. I've noticed on this last trip that there are several Vietnamese Pho restaurants in the Rockville/Shady Grove neighborhood. I'm wondering if there are any places that offer Banh Mi that would be worth trying? I stopped in one of the Pho parlors on Shady Grove Road, but no luck Banh Mi. Thanks.

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  1. We go to the NOVA area a few times a year and usually stop in Rockville the first night of our stay. Unfortunatly the only place we found for banh mi was a Ba Le that happened to be awful. Now we absolutely love the Ba Le in Falls Church, VA. If you don't have to have banh mi, our two favorite places in Rockville are Mama's Dumplings and Joe's Noodle. Both places get great chowhound and yelp reviews too.

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      Ba Le in Rockville is closed. Not sure if it's new management, but the space was remodeled and is now called Pho Nom Nom. Just opened a couple months ago. The pho was pretty good, but still not as good as Pho 75. They didn't have bahn mi when I went, but I think they have them now.

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        Thanks. We'll keep those in mind for our next visit down there. I'll mention that we've had good luck at the Sichuan Pavilion in Rockville, but that's straight Chinese food, not Vietnamese. If you look for it while on the main drag, you'll miss it; it's in the back of the building. 410 Hungerford.

      2. Try Pho Nom Nom, a newly opened place on the north end of the Rockville Pike in the old Ba Le location. The place has had a full renovation. They have a broad Vietnamese menu that goes well beyond pho and their food is very good. I have been there four times now and been quite pleased. They just started serving banh mi. Address is 842-A Rockville Pike.

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          Thanks, rcooperman--excited to try this new place :)

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            Thanks for the tip. I'll be looking for this place when we swing by in March.