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Jan 3, 2012 10:49 AM

An IRISH HOUSE visit is worth your while.

What a fantastic re-creation! Chef Matt Murphy has really established our city's first true Irish restaurant. His food menu is second to none and the beer selection is spot-on. I recently returned from a trip to Ireland and had such a great time, I was trying to extend my vacation at home, so we went to the Irish House for lunch on Friday, December 30th. What a great place! It was so good, that we made reservations for New Eve's Eve dinner and had another great evening with superior food, perfect drinks and live Irish music. The place was so much fun I thought I should let everyone know that this is one place not to miss, whether you're a local or a visitor when in New Orleans. Slainte!

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  1. The beer selection really is very good. The food, however, has been very spotty. He sources good produce for the salads, his meatloaf is very good; the lamb belly, which is supposed to be a "signature dish" is awful.

    I was told by the sous chef of a top New Orleans restaurant that the belly dish was "gross." Not a bad dish, not a boring dish, but actually "GROSS." We went to see what he meant and confirmed it. We ordered four plates, all split appetizers. Everything was great but the lamb belly was indeed "gross." It was under-rendered so the lamb fat was most of the dish. Below the fatty, stinky lamb belly was an extremely oily grit cake (fat on fat). Below that was a mint simple syrup. MINT SIMPLE SYRUP! I, too, would pair the belly with a mint sauce but a simple syrup (???), under all that greasy fat is just disgusting. We ate one bite each, declared it the worst dish in New Orleans, and left it on the table.

    As for the restaurant itself, it seems pretty desperate. They have a gift shop in the restaurant. There is a lot of potential in the place but I don't see it surviving the year on anything other than the bar sales.

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      Sadly, I must agree. Loved the Irish breakfast on the first visit. The following three visits spiraled downward food wise. On the last visit I was served the most pitiful eggs benedict I have ever come across...two tiny little eggs atop a dried out English muffin and NO hollandaise. REALLY ??? And I sooo much wanted to love this place. Shame on you Chef Murphy !

    2. Went for lunch today. Great tomato and mussel soup for a start, followed it with a yummy chicken pot pie. The Irish soda bread was quite tasty and that was a first for me. Really liked the atmosphere and after what he has gone through, I hope the restaurant makes it big time. Will go back. Finally got an explation for "Bubble and Squeak" ;-)