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Jan 3, 2012 10:43 AM

Maoz coming to Triangle

Driving by the Triangle this weekend, we saw the signs already up for Maoz, which is a Dutch chain of middle eastern restaurants. It's a vegetarian place, and apparently has really good falaffel and Belgian-style friies. My wife was really excited, as she loved going there when she lived in Madrid. It's interesting that they're coming here - they only have a handful of US franchises so far, and none nearby (Berkeley, Boca Raton, Philly, and NJ/NY)

Not sure when it's opening, but from a google search it looks like they started hiring back in November. It's in the part of the Triangle next to Chedd's.

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  1. I've eaten at Maoz in Philadelphia and NYC a bunch and really like their food. Those 2 locations get crowded as hell during lunchtime. Maoz is fast and fresh, and I like the way you can dress your falafel how you like. sometimes it seems like there's too many too chose from! A bunch of places here in Austin serve falafel up dry and cake-y, and people here seem to like that. Austin could use another good falafel place.

    1. Great news. I've had Maoz in Amsterdam and thought it was incredible. Can't believe my luck, having one open right here in Austin (like you say, there are only a handful in the US). Since Amsterdam I've tried making my own, with never the same good results (and too much effort). I've had falafel elsewhere in town (including Central Market, ha, ick) but none has been as crispy and hot as Maoz. Remembering back, I think that pickles and tzatziki (and carrots?) were my preferred condiments.

      1. I went there the other day and was really impressed. The falafel was very good, and the belgian fries were very good as well. We met Roy the manager and he was very friendly and gracious. Maoz is a fantastic alternative to other fast food or quick lunches in the area.

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          I went yesterday. The food was good and I liked the choices of how to dress it. The prices are a little high in comparison with other places like Sarah's, Tom Taboulis and Phoenicia.

          1. re: auspr

            Hmm, maybe it depends on how your order. To me, $5.25 for a falafel sandwich that includes unlimited trips to the salad bar for fresh toppings seems like the best healthy eating deal in Austin. Even better if you can catch a warm batch of that sorta fried broccoli and cauliflower mixture.

            1. re: thereman

              Have been twice and love it. Better falafel than anywhere else (Sarah's I like alot too to give her a plug) really nice soft pita and tons of choices on the "toppings." it's really a little salad bar. Didn't miss any meat at all. Opens at 11:30.

              1. re: BTAustin

                It's as good as I remember. I would def say best in Austin, followed by Sarah's then Phoenicia Bakery. The Belgian fries are excellent, too.

          2. re: Homero

            I went there this weekend too. The interior is bright (bright green, no less) and inviting, with community benches, which I know many can take or leave. There was a short wait for our food - longer than at a fast food place, but really quite reasonable, and then it became clear that the delay was simply b/c of two large to-go orders.

            I'm kind of the opposite of a vegetarian, so the full benefit of Maoz is lost on me. The salad bar is very large and exciting to people that like middle eastern foods. There were early reports that you were limited to one trip to the bar and not given any containers to put toppings in and bring back to your table; both of those policies have changed.

            The falaffel is crispy and delicious. I got a mix of regular and sweet potato fries and the flavor was good, but I found them a touch soggy. That may just be because we had to get our order to go though; fries are always best straight from the frier.

            I also like that the meal deals come with a juice - the mint lemonade was good, as was the fresh squeezed orange juice. All in all, this was a fun place, even for my veggie-averse self.