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Jan 3, 2012 10:39 AM

Golden Garden Chicken Wings Top Notch

Was there for lunch and saw the chef eating them. On the App Menu.

Same prep (dry fried with dried chiles and Szechuan pepper) as the spicy dry fry chicken with the addition of hacked up poblanos.

Serious Ma La fire here. I'd rank these amongst the top wings in Boston, and I like the dish even better then the dry fry chicken. Somehow the meaty wings really stand up to the Ma La treatment.

20 minutes later my mouth is still tingling. For $8.25 a very respectable sized order.

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  1. Sounds great, I'll have to check that out.

    1. Our generous order came out piping hot both in temp & spice level, altho' somewhat drenched in chili oil requiring an extra stack of napkins. Among the other things we ordered(spicy cumin lamb, meatballs in broth w/mung noodles & steamed beef tripe, the Chinese wood ear mushrooms w/spicy sauce was the favorite. Place was very quiet for lunchtime on a Sat.

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        1. re: StriperGuy

          The salt & spice level obliterated the taste of the chicken for me - would not order again. Spicy Bon Chon still my favorite.

          1. re: Taralli

            lately i've enjoyed the salted crispy chicken at Jo Jo Taipei, which is slightly spicy wings cut into smaller pieces. have yet to try Jo Jo's spicy wings.

            1. re: barleywino

              i am glad that stripie brought up the topic. From my last visit, i think that they are doing ok but could use more attention.

      1. Inspired by you, as so often, I had them delivered. They were terrific, and they'd retained their crispness despite being cooped in a container. Also had the hot and sour wonton soup (another of your recommendations), the tendon and tripe app, the scallion pie, and the lamb skewers. All v. good.

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        1. re: FoodDabbler

          Glad you liked it all. Great stuff. I really think wings stand up particularly well to that dry fry Ma La (
          Szechuan peppercorn and chile) treatment.

        2. I had been craving chicken wings for about a week now and Striper's post pushed me over the edge. Tried these last night as an "appetizer" to some leftovers I was heating up. I demolished 8 of these while MR only got his hands on 4. (It's ok, he knows how crazy I am about wings)

          I enjoyed them (obviously) but I think I need to try them again while dining in. Unlike FD, mine did get a little soggy on the trip home. The flavor was right on and the meat itself was perfectly cooked and juicy. They were not as good as Bon Chon (which btw actually travel surprisingly well) but a decent substitute if you are hankering for some spicy wings and are no where near Allston.

          Actually I better compare BonChon again. It's been a long time since I've had there wings. I will report back if the statement above changes.

          I'm surprised to hear Taralli state that GG's wings were too spicy and that he/she(?) prefers Spicy BonChon. I like spicy stuff and GG's wings were indeed spicy but my recollection is that BonChon's were way too much for me and I much prefered the soy garlic variation there.

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          1. re: heypielady

            Am willing to give GG another try. Had more of a problem with all the oil, whereas BC's are dry, crispy & not salty.

            1. re: heypielady

              I'm a very short distance from GG, so perhaps that made a difference in the wings retaining their crispness. I'd like to try them in-house, too.

            2. As usual when following StriperGuy's guidance I had a great lunch yesterday of these wings and the hot and sour wonton soup. Plenty left over for lunch today and I am pleased to report that the wings reheat very well in a hot oven. Also thanks to StriperGuy's previous intelligence about the fruit at Arax I got the most amazing huge dark red grapefruit there for 99 cents.

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