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Jan 3, 2012 10:32 AM

Valentino's on Harford Rd./Baltimore

Hubby and I enjoyed our day off with a lunch at Valentino's yesterday- we had originally intended to go elsewhere, but they were closed. I've not been to Valentino's in years and it was his first time.
We were greeted by a smiling waitress upon arrival and wished "Happy New Year!" by several other employees as we were guided to the large second dining room they have. The space is nothing fancy- no carpet, no tablecloths and mostly diner-style booths (to be clear- this is a 24 hour diner). What we were not prepared for was the complimentary breadsticks that arrived- covered in parmesean and herbs with a marinara dipping sauce- a really nice way to say, "Thanks for dining here!" they were fantastic! I then ordered the Scampi Feta pasta which came with a small salad to start ($8.99) and hubby ordered meat sauce over pasta- also with a salad to start ($12.99). My pasta was delicious- fresh veggies cooked to just tender swimming in a lovely garlic sauce and crumbled feta all over. At the end of our meal, we were presented with a complimentary plate of fresh melon- what a treat on a cold winter day!
With this level of service and fantastically prepared food we will definitely be back. You can't get that quality food at that price in our neck of the woods!

Valentino's Restaurant
6627 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21214

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  1. always wondered about that place... it always scared me away... I envisioned a dirty, dingy diner catering to a late night/early morning crowd. I certainly will give it a second look!

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      I feel compelled to offer a differing opinion on Valentino's. Yes, it's clean and IMO very well managed, but I found the food to be mediocre. If you're in the mood for eggs and bacon, I'm sure it's fine choice OR if it's 3 AM.

      It's literally a block from my house and I've eaten there maybe 3 times in 7 years.