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Jan 3, 2012 10:29 AM

Sea Bright Pizza - are they reopening?

Just saw on Yelp that there was a review from December 2011. I didn't think that they ever reopened after Irene. Have driven through SB a number of times and have seen no life there.

Anyone? They make some seriously good pie there - miss the place. Thanks.

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  1. My friends ate here recently...they say it's the best pizza in our area!

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    1. re: joonjoon

      It really is the best in this area.

      They moved one door down to a stone storefront.

    2. Irene must have wiped out their pizza oven. According to their website they only serve appetizers...


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      1. re: equal_Mark

        We own a biz two doors down. Fershore is right, they moved next door to their original location, still serving pizzas and more. Their Grandma pie is super yummy!

      2. Took my dog for a walk/run on the beach in Sea Bright on Sunday and decided to stop in to Sea Bright Pizza for a slice of their acclaimed eggplant pizza. Slice was delicious, just the right mix of eggplant, garlic, and basil, but $4.85 + tax for ONE slice. C'mon man!!! No pizza is worth $5/slice ($40/pie). Even L&B in Brooklyn does not charge that much and they are one of the best pies on the planet. No pizza pie is worth more than $20 ($2.50/slice), in my opinion. Sorry, even though the pizza is delicious at Sea Bright Pizza, I cannot go back and pay $5 per slice. It will be Val's in Rumson or Nunzio's in Long Branch instead.

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        1. re: cke25

          He is definitely one of the best around. I enjoy their pizza and will pay the premium when in the area.

          1. re: cke25

            I had the eggplant and one grandma slice. 4 per slice for me. I guess they liked me LOL (this was a few weeks ago and I posted a comment on here.)

            CKE25, if you want a good pizza try chiafullos in navesink but ask for "think and crispy." Their "regular" pie is not the greatest IMO but the thin one made to order is top notch. The issue is you have to eat it right out of the oven piping hot...really good. So you can eat it right inside or if you dare, bring it over to the bar next door and check out some salty locals at the Gateway bar. They allow you to bring in food and eat it at the bar. In fact, they encourage it.

            1. re: corvette johnny

              There is also a second Chiafullos in Belford that I've heard good things about and have been meaning to try.

            2. re: cke25

              Same sentiment here. Love their slices (the eggplant & their grannie) but it's ridiculous, isn't it? Are they even getting that in NYC at some of the more highly rated spots in Brooklyn?

              Maybe the ticket is just going there and ordering a whole pie. While it's still a bit pricey ($20 & $22), I would definitely still go if I could convince the little woman (who's not a pizza freak as I am). And as I'm about to order from MingYing, I'm sort of saliviting over the prospect of a whole pie from there.

              1. re: JustJake2

                I would order a whole eggplant or Grannie (my two favorites as well) for $20 and take it home to consume two slices at a time. But the problem is, I would eat the whole pie eventually myself. Not good for the waistline or heart.

                1. re: cke25

                  I hear you. I keep forgetting (conveniently as to the ease of getting a slice anywhere) that it's not a good thing to have within one's diet.