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Jan 3, 2012 09:48 AM

Fresh green peppercorn

Has anyone ever seen this for sale? I can't find it in Chinatown.
...I have some Thai recipes that call for it as an ingredient.


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  1. I've seen jars of green peppercorns on the stem. They're not in oil, and the pickling seems extremely mild if that's how they're preserved. I think I got them at the House of Spice on Augusta, and the price per jar was fractional of the price for the expensive little cans.

    Susur used to use fresh pepper berries in some presentations, if the above won't work, you might give them a shout to ask their sources.

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        The ones you mention seem like green pepercorns in brine, which you can find at many Indian grocery stores. I use them when I am making a sause for steak, amonh other uses. The brine is very mild.