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Jan 3, 2012 09:47 AM

Hot dog buns in Los Angeles

Do any regular supermarkets sell kosher hot dog and/or hamburger buns?

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  1. Gelson's, Whole Foods and Sprouts sell Rudi's bakery hot dog and hamburger buns Star K pareve.
    Also, Francisco sandwich rolls that are made in California are available almost everywhere. Look for the hechsher stamped on the plastic tag holding the bag closed.

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    1. re: mamaleh

      Thanks. I was just in Gelson's Century City and saw some other Rudi's products but no buns, so picked up some sourdough rolls instead. Any idea why Ralph's and Von's don't sell?

      1. re: elmoz

        No idea.

        Old Country makes hamburger and hot dog rolls too, but I haven't bought them in a while and not sure if they are still kosher. They are owned by Bimbo Bakeries now. Bimbo makes sliced sandwich bread with a kof-K hechsher that is available at Albertsons and some Target locations.

        1. re: mamaleh

          Actually it is California-K, Rabbi Teuchman. Pareve. Pas Yisroel. They are available at Ralph's as well.

          1. re: Mashgiach

            The Old Country buns are also sold at Entemann's outlet stores if you can find one that hasn't closed. They are baked for restaurant customers, not individual consumers, so they are not widely distributed. I wonder if Restaurant Depot has them. (They sell wonderful bread sticks by the way...)

            Old Country hamburger buns are often kosher. Look for the California hechsher on the plastic tag, just like the ones Mamaleh described with the Francisco buns.

            I believe that kosher Bimbo hot dog buns are available in Tijuana if you happen to be there picking up kosher Kahlua. Walmart also sells the Bimbo bread.

            Lang's from San Diego makes hot dog buns that might be available where you get Lang's challahs.

            1. re: Mashgiach

              Confirmed today that Old Country hot dog buns are still California-K (after the Bimbo purchase), and in Los Angeles County can be purchased at all Smart & Final stores. FWIW, I also discovered today that L.A.-based Schwartz Bakery sells a number of their products, including their elongated Egg Challah Rolls, at some of the Westside Ralphs (including the one @ National + Sawtelle). So, that's another option for serving hot dogs.

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        1. Lang's also makes very good bagels, although they are often difficult to find. Much better than Ralph's and don't mention Sara Lee or Thomas' in the same sentence.