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Help me find this Moroccan restaurant - Toronto

Hi folks, its been 8 yrs since I visited this awesome restaurant. Its either Morocco or Turkish or something similar. I was new to this country and my cousin took me there (he can't remember it now but he said its was Moroccan) and I've been trying to find this place ever since. I'm hoping someone over here knows this place and can reunite with the place.

What I remember:

1) The servers wore traditional outfits.
2) The food came in wooden round bowls that was covered. When they opened it they expected you to say "walla". I remember my cousin didn't and they cover it again and told him to say it haha
3) I remember "Adelaide st" when i asked about the location 8 yrs ago. But I couldn't find anything on that street now. Maybe around it?
4) I remember the dinner menu having couscous with lamb or with another meat or with both.
5) I remember this being the best food I've had till date. Hence the reason i want to go back.

Maybe some of the stuff I remembered might be generic but this is all I remember. I'm really hoping this resto sounds familiar to one of you. I'm dying to go back.

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  1. could it be this place? it's on richmond. 8 years ago is a long time in the entertainment district so the place you went to may not exist anymore! good luck!


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      No thats not the place. There was no hookah and tables and chairs were more restaurant-ish than lounge-ish. Thanks though!

    2. Maybe the Sultan's Tent or it's associated spaces, Cafe Maroc and Berber Lounge? The whole schtick with the "walla" sounds like something they would do.

      Front Street rather than Adelaide though.

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        No I went there and it wasn't that either. I wonder if I'll ever find it now.....hope is getting slimmer :(

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          Djerba la Douce on the Danforth is Tunisian and does several Moroccan dishes like lamb tagine with couscous. They have hookahs but no costumes and I don't recall wooden bowls. Tagines are lidded but clay. And don't recall any "walla" business.

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            Could it have been the original Sultan's Tent location in Yorkville? The restaurant changed locations and owners in 2002. This blog post has a picture of the original one. http://thelifeofasuburbanprincess.blo...

        2. What is "walla"? Is it a Moroccan word? Or just a horrendous bastardization of "voila"?

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            In Arabic W'Allah essentially translates By God....used similar to I 'swear to God'. It's an expression like OMG etc etc.

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              Oh thank goodness. Thanks for the explanation!

          2. You could ask at the Moroccan Association of Toronto. http://www.amdt.ca/ins/index.php?lang...

              1. I have no idea if it is this place (not sure if it was around 8 years ago) but I will take a guess.. Maybe :


                And maybe confused Adelaide with Avenue? :)

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                  The Walima Cafe turned up at its present location on Avenue Rd., between Lawrence Ave. and Wilson Ave., about a year or so ago, a transplant from its previous long-time location on the Danforth. Nor sure how long it lasted on the Danforth, but perhaps the OP doesn't recall the address correctly (memory does indeed grow furtive with the years), and that it was the Walima on the Danforth where he/she inhaled Moroccan cuisine. In any event, the Walima on Avenue Rd., I've decided in my one visit there last week, is acceptable, but hardly memorable. A charming little spot with stilted service, and some dishes better than others. Flavours seem to be muted. Nothing with much Moroccan zip. From the Danforth to north Avenue Rd. can be quite a change in demographics, with much menu tinkering. Not something I'd travel across town for. Mind, the place was packed the night I was there, and everyone seemed to be having a better time than I was. There's no accounting for taste (including my own), I guess.

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                    There was a place on the north side of Eglinton near Mt Pleasant. I'm having a hard time remembering the name... Closed around 8 years ago I think.

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                      You're referring, I think, to the Boujadi Cafe, that popped up on Eglinton Ave. East, was wildly popular, then moved to Eglinton Ave. West - and pooped out. A family-run place, it was solid for awhile, but couldn't sustain consistent quality at comparatively low prices.