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River themed finger foods

does anyone have any great ideas and /or recipes for finger foods to go with a river themed bridal shower? Particularly the Altamaha River in SE Georgia...


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        1. Fried catfish bites
          steamed mussels
          I would bet there are some crawfish around there, too.
          frog legs
          turtle soup

          I would think things that grow in and around the river. If you go on down around Darrien, you could do seafood, too.

          1. Please share with us Melody, what a 'river themed' shower intails in terms of games, decor etc.? I can't quite figure out what that would be... understanding this more would help with food suggestions.

            1. Is there a particular fish native to this river that could used in a fish mousse or some other fish appetizer?
              When I think of a river in the South I think of deltas, cypresses, plantations - google any of those terms and narrow by "recipes" on the left serach bar and you will get lots of hits. http://www.google.com/search?aq=f&amp...

              Or you could just make whatever you want as appetizers and then name them with a river-themed name - plantation pasta salad; Altamaha ham biscuits; cypress tea sandwiches.

              1. - zucchini or endive "boats" filled with smoked bream salad
                - cornmeal crusted catfish nuggets/strips and beer battered largemouth bass bites served with tartar sauce and/or remoulade for dipping

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                    You can put anything into a Barquette- "little boats", and roll with the boating theme too, and what's great is, you can buy them! Yay! Maybe with smoked fish mousse, or flaked-fish salad of some kind? And some Bayou bites - a lot of theming has to do with the name of the recipe, for lots of folk-like fish fingers, hushpuppies, fried crawdads with garlic remoulade. Works with the veggie "boats" too: anything from zuchinni to cucumbers. What about some iced fishyssoise, with a prawn garnish, as a shooter? And I think you best find a way to sneak some bourbon in there, as in bourbon sweet tea.

                1. Mississippi Mud Cake............