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Jan 3, 2012 08:38 AM

New restaurant in St Thomas

Sunset Grille just opened about 3 weeks ago in Secret Harbor, on St Thomas's East End near Red Hook. By the owners of Havana Blue and Coco Blue.

Beautiful setting overlooking the beach an ocean. Open air seating with lots of overhead fans. Nice breeze and no bugs.

Menu is very diverse. Lots of fish, seafood, and steaks. My better half had the seared tuna app and branzino. She said both were excellent, altough she asked for the fish without the plated sauce and it came anyway'. Chalked it up to new waitstaff, which was otherwise very good.

I had the foie gras app-very nice, and the Lamb "pops". Lamb chops on a single bone that you could pick up. The rub is outstanding and it was quite a meal.

We shared the chocolate decandence dessert-a chocolate lava cake which was, as a chocolate lover, very nice.

Full bar and wine list. Prices are high as expected in St Thomas.

Looking forward to going back very soon.

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  1. Follow-up- Went back to Sunset Grille a few weeks ago. The view and service were excellent, but the food seemed to lose something since my last visit. Not bad by any means, but not fantastic either.

    I have since found out the the owners are not the Havana Blue people, but the St Thomas Restaurant Group, which I believe owns Pesce in Red Hook and a few other places also. Sorry for the previous misinformation.