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Jan 3, 2012 08:28 AM

Vegetarian in Negril, Jamaica !!

Hey all,

Traveling to Negril next week for the first time. We are staying at the Rockhouse. Planning on eating one dinner there and then venturing out for the other 3 dinners/lunches.

I'm a vegetarian (no meat or fish, dairy & eggs are ok). My hubby eats meat and fish. We both want to enjoy the local specialties so are looking for places to accommodate us both.

If anyone has any suggestions on great places, I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks :)

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  1. Just wanted to follow up on our amazing trip to Negril for any other vegetarian travelers out there. We stayed at the Rockhouse and were so mellow and relaxed that we hardly left the property!

    We found the food at Rockhouse restaurant and Pushcart to be fantastic. As far as vegetarian options, there was a vegetable stir-fry available for dinner which was delicious, a super fresh salad, and vegetable sides like bammy & rice & peas, and always a veggie special (usually a pasta & veggie dish). Pushcart had a rasta pasta dish that was great and a vegan bushman's stew which I didn't get a chance to try.

    There were plenty of veggie options for breakfast at Rockhouse. I really enjoyed the museli, yogurt and fruit dish and the rockhouse special (poached eggs over callallo & toast). For lunch, there was a lentil burger at the pool served with salad and pasta salad, totally satisfying and a little spicy. Sadly, this was the only vegetarian option for lunch on the property.

    We ventured out to 3 dives for lunch one day so that my hubby could try the famous jerk chicken there, a 5 minute walk from Rockhouse. They told us the wait would be 30 mins but it was more like 45, so don't go if your in a rush to get somewhere ;) Hubs was crazy for the jerk chicken and ate every last bite. They made me a plate of french fries, bammy, and steamed veggies which was actually really yummy.

    We also ate at Kuyaba on the beach at sunset one night. I thought the location was really nice and chill but the food wasn't up to par with Rockhouse. Hubby's snapper was great but his sides were boring and uninspired. I ordered a salad and the vegetarian curry, both of which I did not enjoy. The salad didn't taste fresh and the curry was very, very sweet and dry. After this meal we decided to just eat our last dinner back at Rockhouse where we knew we wouldn't be disappointed.

    Overall, I thought the food in Jamaica, at least at the Rockhouse, was great (better than any other Caribbean island I've been to) and it was easy to adapt for a vegetarian diet.

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      Thank you for replying to your own post with your review. Awesome. We will be in Negril next week, staying on the West End - non AI and was hoping for something like this on my faithful Chowhound. I appreciate your vegetarian pov as my gall bladder and I have parted ways leaving behind a sensitive stomach, and my husband is allergic to all nuts, coconut, pb and all tree seeds. In your opinion, do you think that the restaurants you frequented would be willing to accommodate such needs?

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        Sorry, just seeing this now. I hope you had good luck being able to find places to accommodate you :)

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        Sorry you didn't try the Bushman's Stew at Pushcart. It may be one of the greatest veggie dishes ever... Next time.

      3. Look for Ital food. It's the cuisine of the Rastafarian community. Totally vegan and delicious.

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