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Jan 3, 2012 08:23 AM

Candied Lemon and Saffron in Lasalle

I need candied lemon and saffron for a maroccan recipe. Do y'all know a good place to get them in Lasalle?

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  1. Is Verdun too far for you? If not, I would call Branche D'Oliver and see if they carry candied lemon (they have saffran).

    1. umm you want "candied" or "preserved" lemons? They are different and I just want to check with you.

      I know it sounds odd but when I think of Moroccan cuisine, I think more along the lines of preserved lemons.

      I don't know Lasalle very well but a well stocked Middle Eastern shop should have both preserved lemons and saffron.

      I know it's not in your area, but Akhavan will have both (the saffron is behind the counter near the pastries; just ask the counter guy)