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Jan 3, 2012 07:46 AM

West bound to Austin, Texas on Interstate 10

Needs good healthy food stops on the way,will go for occasional Bar-B-Que tho,

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  1. Get off I 10 at Exit 157A in Baton Rouge, LA to Perkins Road and take a right to Parrain's for outstanding fresh seafood for lunch or dinner. Or get off I 10 at Exit 157A in Baton Rouge, La to Perkins Road. Take a left and Acme Oyster House is on your left open for lunch or dinner serving outstanding fresh seafood.
    Parrain's Seafood Restaurant @ 3225 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 225 - 381 - 9922.
    Acme Oyster House @ 3535 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 225 - 906 - 2372.
    Get off I 10 at Exit 115 in Henderson, LA and go E on Highway 352 to Henderson Levee Road to Pat's Fisherman's Wharf for good cajun food. Go to Whiskey River Landing for good music and cold drinks. Robin's has good crawfish. Pat's Fisherman's Wharf @ 1008 Henderson Levee Rd., Henderson, LA 337 - 228 - 7512.
    Whiskey River Landing @ 1365 Henderson Levee Road, Breaux Bridge, LA 337 - 228 - 2277.
    Robin's Restaurant @ 1409 Henderson Hwy., Henderson, LA 337 - 228 - 7594. LD. ***
    Get off I 10 at Exit 109 in Breaux Bridge and go S on Rees Street or Highway 328 and go to Le Cafe for outstanding Po Boys. Or get Off I 10 at Exit 109 and go N on Highway 328 which is Anse Broussard Highway also to Poche Bridge Road. Go N to Main Highway and Poche Market and Restaurant for good Cajun cuisine for lunch. This is a buffet so you might really like it if you are in a hurry. Cafe Des Amis has outstanding food and music on Wednesday nights. There's also Zydeco breakfasts on Saturday morning at 8:30.
    Le Cafe @ 124 Rees St., Breaux Bridge, LA 337 - 332 - 2500.
    Poche's Market and Restaurant @ 3015 Main Hwy., Breaux Bridge, LA. 337 - 332 - 2108.
    Cafe De Amis @ 140 East Bridge Street, Breaux Bridge, LA 337 - 332 - 5273.
    Get off I 10 at Exit 101 in Lafayette, LA then go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go less than a mile to Creole Cafe for good country breakfast or plate lunch.
    Creole Cafe @ 1227 N. University Ave., Lafayette, LA 337 - 266 - 4648.
    Or get off I 10 at Exit 101 in Lafayette, LA and go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go S on University and it becomes W University. Take a right on Johsnton St. and go three blocks and take a right on W St. Mary Blvd.then go one block where you will find Old Thyme Grocery for good road food and the best po boys in LA.
    Old Tyme Grocery @ 218 West Saint Mary Blvd., Lafayette, LA 337 - 235 - 8165.
    Or get off I 10 in Lafayette, LA at Exit 101 and go S on Hwy. 182 which is N University. Go S on University and it becomes W University then it becomes E University. Go to Pinhook and take a right then go about 6 blocks to Blue Dog Cafe for great road food.
    Blue Dog Cafe @ 1211 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA 337 - 237 - 0005.
    Get off I 10 at Exit 82 and go N to Hawk's for fresh crawfish.
    Hawk's Crawfish @ 415 Hawks Road, Rayne, LA 337 - 788 - 3266.
    Get off I 10 @ Exit 64 in Jennings, LA and go S on Highway 26 to Frey's Crawfish House for good cajun food for lunch or dinner. They only serve dinner on T/F/S. Be sure to check their hours.
    Frey's Crawfish House @ 919A North Lake Arthur Ave., Jennings, LA 337 - 246 - 5023.

      1. The side trip to Lockhart, TX is worth it - especially for the smoked prime rib at Smitty's.

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            I've also got a very fond spot in my heart at Kreuz (and Salt Lick too for that matter - yeah, I know. Old timers say it's not like it used to be.). Can't go wrong with the barbecue at either place. That said, I'd give my right arm for Smitty's prime rib - then again, I'm a ribeye steak guy and combine that with their smoker and I'm in heaven.

            1. re: mahalan

              I would not be surprised if these replies get pulled since they're OT b/c we're now talking TX food on the South board, but I think Salt Lick is fine and their brisket, even if not what it used to be, is world's better than Alabama brisket.

          2. re: mahalan

            My own experience is that Kreuz is much better than Smitty's - especially the sausage. That said, I would stop at the City market in Luling in preference to either.

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              . Folks, we have asked chowmarty to post a separate query on the Texas board for that portion of his road trip that will be in Texas. Please hold of on any further Texas recommendations until Marty posts a query on the Texas board.