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Jan 3, 2012 06:39 AM


Not having anything but Tino's on 183 and Anderson Mill and Plaka up in Georgetown to compare, perhaps some of you out there can turn me on to some other places that put out excellent Gyros.

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  1. I would also like to know. The first (and still the best) gyros that I ever had was at a fast food place in the food court at Highland Mall many years ago, but surely there are better examples around. I find the meat at Tino's too dry and they never use enough cucumber sauce.

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      My favorite in town by far is Milto's on Guadalupe across from toy joy.

    2. Try Athens on Cypress Creek across from ACC in Cedar Park. I don't care for Gyros but I've been with others a couple of times who really seemed to enjoy them and it appears to be their specialty. I really enjoy their Greek Salad.

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        I'm a huge fan of gyros, which seem simple but are often not well executed. In the campus area, do Flying Falafel, an intriguing little place.

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          I've been enjoying the Mediterranean Chef off of Koenig / Aurora. My only complaint is that their pitas are whole wheat only. But that's only a slight detraction, the meat is Kronos brand, and the condiments on the sandwich are fresh and tasty.

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            If you're in the campus area Frank, try Kismet Cafe too. Outstanding gyros and Chicken Schwarma that rivals some of the schwarma I had while living in Bahrain some years ago.

            Speaking of Flying Falafel, have you tried their Po-boys? Outstanding too!

        2. I favor Pars on Burnet near 183. Everything tastes fresh, and the service is wonderful.

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            +1 for Pars. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention Arpeggio grill on Airport. The place itself is a little odd, but the food is solid, and the lunch special (meat and 3) is very affordable.

          2. Scruffy's and Ted's were the best. Unfortunately they are both gone (scruffy's still there but no food service anymore). I was oging to suggest Tino's. But how about Milto's. They had non-Kronos style gryos last time I was there (they used their own "real" meat rather than commercial gyrokones).

            Also Phonecia bakery and deli. I often get Kronos meat by the pound there to go. Eat it right out of the foil warm :-) No bread, no condiments, just the meat, ma'am.