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Jan 3, 2012 06:29 AM

Need a restaurant suggestion for a business/celebration dinner for 12...

Money is not an is McKendricks? Canoe?

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  1. i luv McKendricks, but they dont do large groups well---they usually sit you in an annex to the main restaurant and IMHO lose some ambience--their service and food is excelent--you might go by and check out where theyll sit you--- if they can put together tables in the main area itd be great.See my review on Pricci--they have sevral rooms for larger groups and their food/service is also excellent--you might check to see what they recomend for large groups

    1. Canoe would be good for sure....depends what kind of vibe you want.
      Other suggestions with more "energy/vibe"..
      4th and Swift

      Both places easily could seat 12.

      1. Any specific part of town you're looking at?
        Local 3 has a neat private room, though I'm not sure how many it fits, and it's a more casual vibe.
        I second Pricci too.

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          PS when i worked i used La Grotta at Crown Plaza,Perimeter---they do an excellent job--big board room with nice large table sits 18--- big double doors that can be closed if you want, dedicated waiter, very good food--if its nice they will set up an outdoor coktail hour deal in the Japnaese Garden they have--hotel is very nice too if you need one for guests--and if any drink a bit all they have to do is tale elevator