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Jan 3, 2012 04:21 AM

Restaurant suggestion in Beaver Creek

Looking for recs tobetter/best restaurants in Beaver Creek for this weekend.

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  1. Kelly Liken in Vail is high end and work the splurge. About as good as you can get in a ski town!

    1. The best restaurants in Beaver Creek are Splendido and Grouse Mountain Grill. I have eaten at both several times in the last couple of months and they both are excellent. Perennial favorite Golden Eagle Inn is a step below these, but is also excellent. At a lower price point, try Foxnut Slopeside Sushi, which is excellent. The same people who own and operate Foxnut have Blue Moose Pizza, Flying Pig Sandwiches and Beaver Creek Chophouse, but they are not places I would recommend. Down the hill from Beaver Creek, in Avon, Cima at the Westin (in the spot formerly inhabited by Avondale), is doing some nice things with food with a latin accent. Another close-by "name" spot is Spago at the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, but I cannot recommend it. Your mileage may vary.

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        Thank you both for the great suggestions. Now, please send along some snow.

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          DD, another update, Kevin Furtado, the wine guy that made Larkspur's wine so wonderful is now at Spago in Bachelor Gulch as the sommelier. Besides being the best wine person in the Valley, he is really a nice guy. Now I'm finally going to have to go to Spago.

          And the Castle Peak Grill is the old Zucca Za with the same ownership and staff trying to be a sports bar.

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            We had lunch at Spago last week and Furtago came over and started bussing our table. I don't know him, but his name was on his name tag. I asked him what he was doing bussing tables. He said he was just helping out, and explained he is now the sommelier there. I asked about his California wine venture and he said he ran out of money. He really picked a terrible time to start up an upscale wine business! Seems like a really nice guy.