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Jan 3, 2012 02:01 AM

ISO brown rice/water proportions for Zojirushi micom 5.5 cup rice maker to make fried rice


I've been trying to make fried rice using brown rice cooked in the Zojirushi micom rice maker, but the texture isn't quite right (too soft), even after refrigeration for a day or so. Can anyone share their perfect water/brown rice proportions with me? Also, does long- or short-grain brown rice work better for fried rice?



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  1. Long grain rice in general will be better.

    1. Oddly enough I have good luck making Chinese home style fried rice (i.e. with pickle, fried egg, scallion, maybe some left over meat) using Genjimai, California grown Japanese style medium grain brown rice, that has been cooked in my Aroma rice cooker at a standard water to rice ratio (i.e. same as for white rice), and refrigerated for a day. But of course, it really depends on what type of rice you like, we prefer medium grain, but generally long grain rices will be drier and less sticky.

      1. I think you are using too much water. I don't have a Zojirushi but a Japanese rice cooker that I got as a gift and everything is in Japanese. I like to cook my rice using the traditional finger method. After washing your rice, "measure" the depth of the rice with your index finger. Then with that finger resting gently on top of the rice and add the depth of the rice measurement amount of water. This is the way I'd learned to cook rice since I was old enough to cook. Another thing I was taught was each brand, heck each crop of rice will absorb water differently so I like to stick with a brand I'm used to.

        Long grain brown rice is much better for fried rice and short grain brown rice is better for sushi. Trader Joe's has a great jasmine brown rice that we like-almost best of both worlds and makes great fried rice.

        1. I always make rice via the rice cooker. It depends what type of rice you're using. I use Japanese medium grain rice. I generally use 1 cup water to each cup of white rice. When I'm making brown rice, I use a little extra water (ie: 3 cups rice and 3 1/2 c. water). Works everytime.

          1. Maybe try not using the brown rice setting? I don't think it's the amount of water, it's the micom cooking the brown rice until it thinks it's done which is a softer texture than if you cook brown rice in a non-micom cooker (set for cooking white rice).

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              interesting point, for genjimai, i always use the white rice setting, not the brown rice setting on my cooker.