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Jan 2, 2012 10:59 PM

Another Vancouver institution gone - Bert's Restaurant closing Saturday

"The space will go through extensive renovations..."


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  1. Mourning the loss of these kinds of places is fundamentally misplaced. Yes, there's the nostalgia factor and the lure of the occasional cheap breakfast, but greasy spoons like this were designed to thrive in working class neighborhoods and cater to people with a practical sense of food as inexpensive caloric intake. Once a neighbourhood gets converted by property development from wrong side of the tracks to acceptable to condo buyers these kinds of restaurants cease to have a reason to exist - besides catering to occasional culinary slumming. Best way to prevent this kind of thing from happening is to not move into a neighborhood that contains one of these restaurants. And let's notice that we haven't seen a wave of closures of the new breed of "fake" greasy spoons that are setting up shop all over town, suggesting that people prefer simulacra to the real thing.

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      I don't think Bert's ceased having a reason to exist. Neither did the Normandy when it closed down on Granville and I don't think mourning the loss of such places is misguided at all. Sadly though, I think you are correct that the Hipster generation prefers pseudo greasy spoons to the real think. Witness Lucy's. Who knows though, maybe in 20-30 years a new generation will be mourning the loss of their greasy spoons.