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Jan 2, 2012 08:45 PM

CR Surf and Turf -Cedar park

Always open to try new cajun seafood places, I traveled to this restaurant on 1431 near 183.

Seafood and Sausage Gumbo : This is not a very dark gumbo. Nor is it super thick. It is more soupy and slightly thickened by the okra. There is a deep richness throughout it that makes me want to continue having more spoonfuls. I couldn't detect any seafood aside from shrimp but my god the shrimp. They were plump and juicy and tender. I could clearly tell that the shrimp had been added most likely after the gumbo was ordered and cooked quickly in the broth before being brought to the table. While this might not be authentic, taste wise I feel that this is the superior technique.

oysters on the half shell : Gulf oysters on the half shell and they had some mutant large ones. The flavor was a bit bland but the oysters were meaty and fresh. Gulf oysters usually have a bit less brine than some of the more pricy varieties anyways.

Mains : had the blackened red snapper. The fish was cooked decently with a right amount of spice levels. It wasn't mind blowing but was solid. liked the dirty/cajun rice that it was served with. The rice had bits of sausage and chicken livers running through it. Didn't really like the mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, zucchini), nothing wrong with them, just kind of boring.

Mahi Mahi with crab and shrimp cream sauce. fish was cooked decently with a generous amount of crab meat on top and 2 or 3 shrimp. The cream sauce was enjoyable. Again, solid though not mind blowing.

Didn't get to try the steaks or the scallops this time but will next time. Will definitely go back for the gumbo and oysters.

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  1. I went here on NYE myself and the place was packed.

    I too had the oysters (crazy large and crazy cheap) and agree with you that they were really fresh tasting. I dressed mine up with liberal amounts of horseradish and cocktail sauce.

    I had the flat iron. It was cooked perfectly and delicious. For the sides, I had the asparagus (good) and the mashed potatoes (surprisingly bland); the cream gravy on the mashed potatoes tasted freshly made, but lacking in salt.

    My sister ordered the stuffed catfish and complained that it was overcooked and way too dry.

    I plan on going back to try the fried seafood as lots of surrounding patrons were ordering that and it looked tasty from afar. The prices here are really reasonable. No website but here's a pretty recent menu: