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Jan 2, 2012 08:44 PM

Galette des rois

Am looking for a galette des rois for the upcoming epiphany. Anyone have suggestions on where to get a great one. First time celebrating this with the family.

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  1. Pâtisserie de Gascogne is reknowned for their galette des rois. I'd suggest to call ahead as they are very popular.

    1. Première Moissons sells em. Traditional style and also a chocolate pear one which I think we might serve this year for a fun change.

      1. although i don't know if any of them are great, this list might help:

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          This is a pretty expansive list. Thanks! I will checkout Mamie Clafoutie since I love their other pastries. Will report back.

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            If you want to compare Lescurier near Mamie Clafoutis also had some including very small ones. Its especially fun custom when there are children present as each cake has a crown.

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              I was at Mamie for lunch and they also have a pear and chocolate version (hum, what a perfect mix, pear and chocolate).

          2. La Maison Des Desserts has a fab GDR and their Mille Feuilles is the best I've had anywhere including Paris, SFC and NYC. It's in Ahuntsic, so it's a trek. Mamie Clafoutis is always excellent and PM is OK too.

            1. I tried the regular galette des rois at mamie clafoutis and found it somewhat dry and bland as these cakes tend to be but good to see they have other varieties such as fruits confits, chocoate and pear,chocolate. They have a large sign beware/pay attention to the bean whereas Lescurier now charges for the crown and/or the bean, but atleast you can place the bean where it would be less likely to be swallowed by a child or break a tooth!

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                Mangoannie, would you say that you liked the one from Lescurier better? I haven't bought mine yet and your comment does not sound like a ringing endorsement for the Mame Clafoutis one.

                1. re: mtlmaven

                  I suggest that you call Fous Desserts to see if they have any left. The one with raspberries and cardamom is fabulous and if you bring the bean back to them, they will give you a free chocolate of the day.

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                    I did not try the one at lescurier, just looked at them, and I think I would go with the advice to try Fous Desserts unless you like the fancier flavours at Mamie Clafoutis. For myself I am not really a chocolate pastry fan and two of their galettes are chocolate versions so hence I chose the plain one. I have never tried Fous Desserts but the description above sounds interesting.

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                      I did end up buying the fous desserts galette and it was delicious. The family really enjoyed it and so did I. The pastry was nice and flaky and the filling had a great almond taste.