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Jan 2, 2012 08:27 PM

whoa, you went to Pho what??

Pho King - east parmer ln, 1 to 2 miles east of I-35.

When I was told of this restaurant I thought that surely it would be a gimmick with a name like that. Nonetheless I decided to give it a whirl.

Vietnamese coffee. didn't like that it was premixed instead of dripped at the table but maybe its to facilitate people in a rush.

Bun Bo Hue- This was the real deal. pork hock, sliced beef shank, bouncy vermecelli noodles (not pho noodles), sliced white vietnamese sausage, authentic accompaniments of dried banana peel. The broth was complex and slightly spicy. My favorite Bun Bo Hue in Austin currently.

Pork noodle soup. I forget the exact name from the menu but this was a soup I have not had elsewhere in Austin. This soup had a porky yellow curry broth with sliced pork, shrimp, and these crispy shrimp chip like things that were studded with sesame seeds. The noodles were egg noodles. The broth was good and the noodles were good but I felt the pork could have been a bit less fatty.

Didn't try anything else though I noticed that egg cake was available as a choice edition on their rice plates. will get that next time.

I feel that its a place where if you just get standard pho or vermecelli, it won't impress you that much but if you are in the mood for some more funky vietnamese dishes, you should definitely give it a try.

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  1. One of my co-worker and her family frequent this place and she rants about it quite a bit. I have intended to try this place since the best I've been able to do close to my place of employemnt was the less than mediocre Sagiang Vietnamese on Jollyville run by two surly brothers and lousy Pho.

    1. Pho King is a franchise. Either they are getting seasoning packets like Pho Saigon does (from the Houston branch Pho Saigon) or they have copied the name without permission. Name copying is fairly common for Vietnamese restaurants. Our old Ba Le was a copy cat (Chicago original), and Tan Tan was sued by the original Tan Tan and changed it's name to Tan My. Pho Cong Ly (California) also was found out by the original and had to change to Pho Van. I'd like to know the back story on Pho King, if they are connected to the original Pho King franchise or just borrowing the name.

      1. Went here a few weeks ago. I had the vermicelli and husband had beef Pho I guess. It wasn't bad, but as I've never had vermicelli before, I don't have much of a reference