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Jan 2, 2012 08:01 PM

Lobster Rolls / Fenway


Two questions:
1. Where can I get the *best* lobster roll in Boston (even willing to drive an hour to an hour and half outside Boston) - either mayo based or butter? Price is no issue.
2. Before or after seeing a game at Fenway - where to eat? Aside from the places around Fenway (e.g., Lansdowne street, etc.) - price is no issue. I am thinking Eastern Standard?

Having browsed the posts in this forum, I gather the best lobster roll is at Neptune? I have never been there. Aside from the bread issue, is James Hook the go-to as well? I grew up west of Boston (Wellesley), and my friend, when asked, immediately said "James Hook." Is that accurate?
Are there any places in Maine (preferably close to MA) that would trump both Neptune and James Hook? What about summer shack? I would guess that would be a good bet? I am planning a trip to Boston with a friend, and he insists on scheduling a lobster roll, the best, at no cost issue. He also wants to see a game, hence the Fenway question. I am not a huge fan of Legal, so I probably won't consider that an option, unless someone can tell me I am wrong with that assessment? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I wouldn't call James Hook a "go to". It is very good *for the price* (around half of what Neptune charges). But it is smaller, and there is the pre-made, soggy-bread issue. But if you're already in the area, and want to do a quick stop for a lobster roll, it's definitely worth a stop.

    Do a search for Belle Isle.


    1. Lots and lots of Lobster roll threads on this board. Belle Isle and Neptune and Hook seem to rate best in the city (although Belle Isle is barely in the city).

      I've had nearly every roll in a 90 minute radius and have found none better. If you can increase your radius to include Wiscasset, Maine, then Red's Eats might be the best ever.