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Jan 2, 2012 06:51 PM

Does Anyone Know the Name of This Newport Pub? (And Is It Still Open?)

We were racking our brains the other day, trying to remember the name (and location) of a particular Irish pub in Newport, RI. It had several sections, with at least one pool table in one of the sections, and a dog roamed around the place. :-)

Does this ring a bell? Thanks!

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  1. Was it on one of the wharves or a side street away from the water? I can only think of Mudville or O'brien's as having (had) pool tables or multi-sectioned rooms. I don't recall seeing a dog at either place though.

    1. You may have been thinking of Aidans' that was just off of Washington Square. Sadly, it is no longer there. Not sure what opened in its place.

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        I believe it was just off Washington Square. Thanks--that may have been the place.

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          Adains is now the Fastnet pub,on broadway next to washington park.theres also Buskers just down the street on thames.