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Jan 2, 2012 06:15 PM

The Captain's Daughter Sandwich

nything like this available here?

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  1. Your title sounds a bit tawdry, but no, I can't think of any place save Vietnamese that do a 'wich with a tin of fish onboard. Sounds like a good thing to make at home, provided you've got the right bread. I know...a buzzkill, but there it is.

    Buen provecho.

    1. The link is not working for me

      1. The link isn't working but Google tells me it is a sardine & pickled egg sandwich on focaccia bread with parsley, capers, and scallions. I'm not sure what sauces or condiments are used as the article doesn't say nor have I ever had one before myself. It shouldn't be very hard to recreate something very close to that at home as long as you're willing to pickle your own eggs.

        As for a sandwich shop which serves something like this... I don't know of anything exactly like this though sardine sandwiches are found at dozens of places. Some delis even do pickled eggs so I'd try talking to various delis asking them to make you a sardine and pickled eggs sandwich on focaccia bread.

        1. Sorry about the link problem, I tested it before I posted. Here is the link again run through

          The sandwich is served at Saltie Restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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                Jan - your second link worked for me, as did your third. Only the first one was a problem. Maybe Steve's computer blocks The Village Voice. :)

                Interesting mix of ingredients. Sardines, pickled eggs, scallions, and capers? My word; that would do a number on one's breath. The parsley might act somewhat as a breath cleanser, but I suspect these are not good sandwiches to have on a first date. :)

                1. re: RB Hound

                  Well, I guess it would be a true test of your significant other/s commitment.

                  On the subject of odoriferous preparations, what is your favorite baked/sweated garlic clove recipe?

          1. Not sure where you can get it in San Diego, but maybe wash it down with
            a few Banging The Captain 3 Ways On The Comforter
            (hope the link works)

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            1. re: porker

              Funny! Spot on theme and it looks like it is delicious.

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                Thanks porker! You are making my day.