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Jan 2, 2012 06:10 PM

What's With the "Chewy Cookie" Thing?

There are numerous threads here regarding how to make chewy cookies, especially chocolate chip ones. America's Test Kitchen has devoted lots of ink and video time to the creation of chewy cookies. I have always preferred lovely, CRISP cookies over soft or chewy ones. It's beginning to look as though I am the only one to cherish and seek out brown, crisp, caramelized sweets. Any thoughts? Even better, does anyone out there share this preference with me?

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  1. Yeah, Sandy. I never got the soft cookie thing either. I mean, cookies are supposed to be crispy! Otherwise, it's kinda like a thin cake.

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      Cake shouldn't be chewy, it should be fluffy.


    2. I prefer the thin, crisp ones too. An added plus is that melted butter is one good way to achieve them, and usually means everything can be mixed in one bowl with nothing more than a wooden spoon. I melt the butter in a microwave-safe bowl, or a metal blow over boiling water. By the time I stir in the sugar and vanilla or other extract, the butter has cooled enough not to cook the egg, which I crack directly into the mixture before stirring briskly. Then I dump the flour and other smooth dry ingredients atop the egg mixture, stir again, and fold in the chunky stuff at the end. Line your pan with parchment and you have almost no clean-up.

      I learned in Cookwise that a tbsp of corn syrup improves crispness too.

      1. I like both, with preferences for individual cookies. But I dont like cakey cookies at all.

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          I'm with you CanadaGirl, both depending on the cookie or my mood, but never cakey. Hate cakey brownies and bars too.

        2. When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I prefer the buttery, brown sugary, thin and crispy style. Thinking each cookie has it's own personality, so some are better soft and some are better thin and crispy.

          1. I prefer soft and chewy cookies. This past holiday I made two kinds of cookies, chocolate chip and vegetable cookies (don't laugh) that had pumpkin, carrot, prunes and zucchini. My chocolate chip cookies turned out thick *and* crunchy but softened overnight while my vegetable cookies came out really soft and stayed really soft to almost being mushy.

            I brought them to a couple of parties and I don't think anyone really liked them, lol. It's kind of funny and a little embarassing to see an entire table full of desserts get demolished but yours. My cookies remained after the apocalypse.