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Jan 2, 2012 05:49 PM

Herring for the New Year?

My grandparents were Austrian and my father always had creamed herring on New Year's Eve to eat when it struck midnight (or earlier.) A good luck taste to start the year.

I have always had herring on hand. Anybody else? Just can't do New Year's without it.

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  1. I first had New Year's herring on NYE 2000 when I spent the evening with a family whose ancestry was Scandinavian. They had a small smorgasbord set up and had made special efforts to tell us all to have at least one bite of pickled herring for good luck. Since then I have made special efforts to have pickled herring always available in my fridge, though the only lucky advantage seems to be that I can now snack on pickled herring whenever I want.

    1. Agree with you,BB........always had to have the pickled herring in sour cream sauce for
      good luck in the New Year in my Polish/Ukranian household..."back in the days"...
      in Manhattan & Brooklyn.

      1. I grew up eating matjes (brined) herring but it wasn't particularly a NYE tradition in our family. More of a summer thing. I haven't had it recently but would love to get my hands on some good stuff.

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          Funny, I noticed herring in cream sauce in the supermarket last week and flashed back to
          eating it in my parents home on New Year's. I continued to serve it in my home after I was
          married, but I'm not sure how or why the tradition started in my family - my dad's ancestors
          came from the Netherlands through England to the US in the 1700's and my mom's
          parents came from Scotland in the early 20th century

        2. Herring roe (the eggs) are a popular treat for Japanese New Year. They are light yellow and crunchy in the bunches they come in.