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Jan 2, 2012 05:30 PM

Mexican market near Santa Monica

I am looking for a good Mexican market within a 30 min drive of Santa Monica. A place with a very wide selection of chili's is highest on the list. Thanks!

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  1. This should take care of you. This a big Mexican market:

    Top Valu Market
    4700 Inglewood Boulevard
    Culver City, CA

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    1. it's a small shop with very interesting stuff, and we didn't take time to browse through it all, but they had the small cakes of handmade Oaxacan xocolatl we'd been looking for. Aqui es Oaxaca, 11614 Venice Blvd.(@McLaughlin) about six blocks from I-405, in Mar Vista

      1. If it's about chili's, you might also consider Penzie's Spice Store on 4th St.