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Jan 2, 2012 04:50 PM

Pizzeria Barbarella!

Wondering if anyone has been and some feedback.

I have been waiting for this place to open for months!!

Looking forward to hear what you have to say.

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  1. I would have liked to been at their pre-opening :-/

    And if that's anything:

    I'm sure they'll be out with flying colours !

    1. Next week is his target. Look for his Facebook page.

      I have been and the pizza is very good.

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      1. re: fmed

        It's kinda ridiculous that so many good pizza places have opened all at once. We suffered for *how many* years? with no decent pizza and suddenly there are more than you can shake a stick at. Not that I'm complaining ...

        1. re: jcolvin

          Now I'm waiting for world-class southern & BBQ outlets to be all over the place :-)

      2. We went last night (their first official dinner service!) and really enjoyed the food. Of course, it'll take them a little while to work out the kinks but it is still exciting to me.

        A few observations: the pizzas are smaller than at Ah-Beetz. Very similar in size to Neopolitano-style pizza places that have opened up in the past year.

        We tried to diavola (spicy salami and ollives), the amatriciana (pancetta and onions), and the salsiccia (sausage and peppers). All were very solid. The ingredients, unsurprisingly are of the best quality - mostly made in-house. Terry Deane has always been very particular about what goes on his pies and in what ratios, and it shows. I love how they use a mixture of cheese to achieve balanced flavour and texture.

        The crust like at Ah-Beetz, has a wonderful depth of flavour. I think I prefer a tiny bit more puffiness at the ends of my New York-style pizza but it's so much better than 99.99% of the pizza out there.

        Being opening night, I won't ding them on service or timing but I will say that it was full of food nerds last night and that I still waited less time than I have in the past at Ah-Beetz when it was just a 2-person operation.

        Last night was pizza only so I can't comment on the rest of the menu (yet). They are also waiting on their liquor license (BC Liquor Board!!!!!), and probably have a lot more planned for the decor as it's pretty bare in there (I spotted art not yet mounted to the walls).

        They posted on their FB that they will not be accepting takeout orders for the time being - probably until they get stuff settled with their timing. They were having problems with their phones last night anyway.

        Worth a visit of course! Can't wait to see what they do this year.

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          1. re: Quattrociocchi

            Not very big. There's maybe a dozen 4-top tables in the whole place, though there is a long bar in the centre that I think it meant to be more social, though they didn't have bar stools on opening night.

          2. re: NoMoreSnuggles

            just wondering how the prices are compared to Nicili, Nook et al ?

            1. re: vandan

              It's closely priced to all the fancy pizza places that have opened in town, with pizzas ranging 12-16. Nicli and Verace both have higher top ends which makes them seem more expensive but we're really only talking about $1-2 differences...

              1. re: NoMoreSnuggles

                FWIW, our dominant go-to pizzeria is Firewood on Cambie because they're a stone's throw from us. Daily special (large) is now $16. Menu-standard medium pies (12") range from $16-17.25, and large pies (14") range from $20.10-21.75.

                It's time I start diversifying my pizzerias .......