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Jan 2, 2012 04:50 PM

best hotdog

i think the best hotdog in town is the mexicali dog at muddy waters

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  1. The two best in town I know of are from food trucks / carts.

    Natedogs surely ought to be mentioned, as the only one in town which makes all their own dogs, AND their own condiments. The cart is ubiquitous in both downtowns in the warmer months. The basic Nate dog with kraut and Surly mustard is a must try.

    But my personal favorites are the dogs served by the House of Hunger food truck. The dogs are Nathan's all beef. They're cooked in the deep-fried "ripper" style popular on the east coast, served on buttered & toasted buns. The "Pit Bull Dog," topped with pulled pork and sautéed onions tossed in a buffalo-style hot sauce is incredibly craveable.

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    1. re: Diana_mn

      I'm not going to pretend there can be a definitive "best" hot dog.

      What I do know is that I enjoy the heck out of Nate Dogs' offerings. If he ever Tweets that he's serving up bacon jam, get over there ASAP. Just prior to Christmas I bolted over to meet him outside MPR and he threw together a dog with bacon jam, a slightly sweet mustard, and the caramelized onions (which by themselves are delicious). It was one of the better combinations of flavors I've had in ANY dish in recent memory. I ordered another.

      1. re: Diana_mn

        "Makes all their own dogs" ? Nates promotes dogs from Minnesota farms, but the missing link, pun enjoyed, is the sausage meister role. I believe that they're made in inspected meat processing facilities. Please fill us in if you know who is making them/where they're made/anything unique about how they're cured (the old nitrite/nitrate debate).

        The fellow who sells at the farmer's market across from Black Dog Coffee is somehow involved in making his product (either directly or with the recipe development). I was very surprised to know this based upon the fact that he didn't promote his direct role. BTW the product has great taste and texture qualities.

        1. re: keg

          Natedogs sources his dogs from Pastures a Plenty.

          Assuming the other guy you're talking about is Romocky's? I think he makes them, but not sure where his ingredients are sourced from....

      2. The Weinery! Despite a myriad of drawbacks, their dogs and fries and bottomless press coffee rock.

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        1. re: stepawayfromthetable

          You know, I used to love the Wienery. I talked it up to wife so much and finally dragged her along with my parents there prior to the Gopher/Badger football game this past fall. While I didn't mind the new "family" atmosphere with kids running around everywhere, the real change was in the food. We all ordered different dogs and nobody was happy with them. In fact, everyone (including my dog-lovin' dad --- Senior Gutgrease) declined to finish their dogs so I sampled each one. They all failed unfortunately but I will say that their french fries were still good.

          I'm not ready to give up on the Wienery but was certainly discouraged after my most recent visit. It's worth stating that my last visit was probably a decade ago.

            1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

              I haven't been there in about a year, and I only was there when it was empty, but I greatly enjoyed my chili dog. Granted, I would not argue with Sarah overall and it's sad that they disappoint, especially on a nice outing.

              1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

                Depends on your definition of awful. It serves a purpose in my dining repertoire.

            2. I'm not much of a hot-dog maven, but I really loved the grass-fed-beef dog that I got from The Magic Bus last spring. And now I've got to try the other food trucks (and Muddy Waters) so I can compare.

              1. This might belong on another topic, but since I don't eat pork or beef, I hadn't had a hot dog in years until I went to The Bulldog on Lyndale. The only veggie dog I've ever had that I liked. It was really more like a brat texture than a traditional dog. Loved it.

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                1. re: sheepy

                  yeah they are all interesting dogs but how do they compare to the mexicali dog at muddy waters?

                2. One overlooked spot is Uncle Franky's, which is some of the best made and affordable lunch spots in town.

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