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Jan 2, 2012 04:36 PM

Favorite recipe manager iPad app?? [moved from General Topics]

My DH gave me an iPad for Christmas to help me organize my life. Right now I am trying to decide which Recipe/menu/grocery app will help me the most. I want to keep all of my recipes on it to help with a special diet we will be going on. Right now I am thinking about choosing Big Oven pro or the Paprika recipe manager. Does anyone here have experience with these apps and can you help me decide between the two? I don't want to spend any money until I've settled on the best possible app. Thank you chowhounders!

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  1. My favorite for the iphone is MacGourmet. Not sure whether it works for ipad.

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    1. Paprika is good. That's what I'm using.

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        I am looking for a cook book interface that will help to organize all my favorite recipes. Can we also type our own recipe in Paprika? Thanks

      2. Macgourmet, I have both the iPad and iPhone apps ( they each have their own app) along with my desktop version.

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          Rasputina, have you ben able to get the iphone app to sync the new (upgraded) MacGourmet versions? (I have MacG deluxe, which is made by Mariner software, so I guess it's different.) I love MacG, but the iphone syncing is not working for me at ALL.

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            The wireless sync is glitchy. When it doesn't want to work I have to resort to manual sync. And sadly the developer seems to only work on this part time. The iPhone app hasn't had an update in about 9 months IIRC.

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              yeah, unfortch I haven't gotten mine to sync at ALL. I finally just upgraded last night to the new MacGourmet Deluxe hoping that upgrading was the issue and then was very annoyed at the lack of functionality wrt syncing. Indeed a quick google search reveals lots of disgruntled people about this issue.

              I still love the desktop version of MacG... it's so easy to import recipes and I like the format a lot.

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                I think the problem with the app is that it hasn't been updated since we got iOS 5, are you running iOS 5 on your device?

        2. I looked at the MacGourmet app reviews and it seems like they have several unhappy users right now so I'm leaning toward Paprika. Sueatmo, could you tell me how it has been useful to you? I am only worried about paying extra to sync it with my iPod and my hubby's iPhone.

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            I am using it to gradually transfer recipes which I keyed into an email account last year to a permament file. Once entered, you can refer to the recipe on the Ipad as you prepare it. I am sure you probably knew that. A family member gave me a good tutorial, so its been smooth sailing. I transfer the entire recipe into the big box and then cut and paste the other elements into the ingredients and notes boxes. I haven't synced it with anything, because the only Apple product I have is the Ipad. I am using it for recipes I have obtained through the years or clipped recipes. I use Eat Your Books as an index for cookbooks. But I might put a often used book recipe in Paprika eventually.

            You assign the subject headings. I don't think there are any headings already input. You can email from the app, which is nice.

            So far I've encountered no bugs. It works well for me. There are designated spaces for serving size, prep time and a larger field for notes.

          2. Pepperplate is the bomb! So easy to import recipes, especially from sites like epicurious and serious eats. Bigoven seems like home cooks recipes to me.....not that there's anything wrong with that!

            Check out this video on YouTube:


            And groceryIQ
            You can sync with anyone with a they shop