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Jan 2, 2012 03:53 PM

A great lunch a Milos

Well the rumors were true! We had lunch today at Milos and the price of their 3 course lunch did go up - it is now officially $20.12. The menu options remain the same with two additions; Calamari ($10 supplement) on the appetizers and a Tuna Burger was added to the Main selections.

We had a wide variety of choices to include: Tomato and Cheese Salad, Grilled Octopus ($10 supplement), Scallop Salad - for the app's; mains included Lavraki (bass), Shrimp Saganaki, and Lamb Chops; dessert was Karidopita (walnut pie; although more like a cake) and yogurt martini. Everything we tried was excellent! All of the seafood was perfectly prepared and appropriately seasoned. Note: The octopus was definitely worth the extra $10.

The grilled bread and olive oil were a big hit with our daughter - I believe she had 4 pieces of bread! I had 3 myself....

Service was outstanding.

Based on this visit I would highly recommend Milos lunch special - one of the best values in Vegas.

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  1. They are also opentable. I eat lunch there often, great food great value,good service.

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      Yeah I can't recommend the lunch at Milos enough to the friends visiting Las Vegas. Better than any buffet in the strip IMO (Sterling Brunch due to its price is already out)

      1. re: elvisahmed

        Thanks for letting us know its continuing.
        Best value meal I had on my last trip, excellent service too.