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Jan 2, 2012 02:41 PM

48 hours in Portland! Looking for simple, delicious, inexpensive

Will be in Portland for less than 48 hours - excited to visit your lovely city!

I'm looking for yummy eats in the downtown area (staying near Powell's)-

Vegetarian, inexpensive (under $15 for an entree), simple, no fuss food. Will eat just about any cuisine except Chinese. Looking for a dinner, and two breakfasts that can travel well (one will be heading to the airport).

After extensive searches here and on Yelp, I'm considering Nicholas for dinner and Mother's for one early morning breakfast. The other I'm not sure I'll be able to find because i need to be out of the city by 5am. So perhaps Starbucks? lol

Also any must eats to take home that will travel well? (i.e. bagels, etc?) I'm from the east coast but I understand you have Montreal bagels? Anything else that I should know about?


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  1. Karam would be my choice over Nicholas.

    We have some good bakeries that you could visit to assemble your breakfast the night before you leave: Kenny & Zukes for Bagels, Pearl Bakery, Ken's Artisan Bakery,

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      Karam isn't that good any more. It's not bad, just kind of meh. Nicholas is mainly popular because the servings are so damn huge. Personally, I don't there any great Lebanese food in or around downtown.

      You could get a good vegetarian dinner under $15 around downtown at: Ping, LucLac, Little Big Burger or Oven and Shaker, and just over the bridge (near Nicholas), you could go to the Farm Cafe (almost entirely vegetarian) or Olympic Provisions.

    2. Bijou Cafe over Mothers....or,
      Isabels in the Pearl has a great breakfast, lots of veggie options

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        Bijou Cafe is really good, we love the Oyster Hash there. We have been in Portland since Tues. night and have enjoyed great meals at Little Bird (second visit there) Urban Farmer (lunch and dinner) and last night was Veritable Quandry. Enjoy your time in Portland! :)

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          Thank you all! It was a short trip but very nice. Wound up at Henry's for dinner on Thursday and Koji Osakaya on Friday. I wish I had had time to try all of the suggestions above. i actually went to LucLac (the smaller version I guess?) but it was so busy and I was short on time. And unfortunately no internet access once I got there, so I forgot a lot of your suggestions! But Henry's was good - simple and inexpensive. Had an awesome veggie burger! And Koji was amazing!!!!!! I've never had sushi like that. Ever!

          Thanks again and I hope to return soon and try more suggestions! :)