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Jan 2, 2012 02:22 PM

Breakfast sausage/chorizo pasta carbonara, yum!

I returned home after being out and about around breakfast time and was sort of in the mood for breakfast yet sort of in the mood for mac and cheese. Trying not to eat out unnecessarily I decided to use what was on hand and then it hit me: breakfast sausage carbonara (my mom made carbonara w/ Italian sausage as she didn't like bacon or pancetta, hence the inspiration)! I had two links of farmer john sausage left over, some chorizo (of which I used 1 tbs), 1 egg and approximately 1.5 cups of penne pasta and of course parmesan cheese. I use Martha Stewart's method for carbonara, but it was too cold in my house so I had to transfer everything back into the frying pan. I did get a little scrambled egg in the process, but it was for brunch and I love chorizo and scrambled eggs so it was a happy accident. I finished it with a good grinding of pepper. I am sure it would be great with whatever your favorite carbonara technique is. It was so good and the chorizo gave it a good kick. If I went out for carbonara for brunch I'd spend close to $15, both my budget and my appetite is very satisfied!

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