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Jan 2, 2012 01:15 PM

A few questions about tamarind paste

I bought some seedless tamarind paste to use for making tamarind water for pad thai. There's a lot left over so I wrapped it tightly in a layer of plastic wrap and then in a ZipLoc bag. Now I'm wondering -- for how long will it keep in the fridge? Can it be frozen? What are some other uses for tamarind paste? Thanks!

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  1. It lasts a long time. Not sure why you couldn't freeze it (assuming this is not the liquid version but instead, the denser type.) Adding a little tamarind (stretched with water) can do interesting things for a red wine sauce and duck or in making a sauce that goes with fish (lots of Thai or Indian recipes for that including Goan-type dishes.)

    1. You can freeze it and it lasts a long time, I make tamarind balls with the seedless pulp,paste,salt sugar and dried chili.

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        What do you do with these tamarind balls? Eat as is, cook somehow, or serve with some kind of sauce? Sounds interesting.
        I have some tamarind paste that I use to make into liquid for curries, but would love to find another use for it.

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          It's a candy treat you find in Thailand,Vietnam and the Caribbean,I keep the paste and pulp refrigerated and use it in marinades and sauces. I like to mix some with green mango,mustard oil,seasonings and hot peppers to make a pickle that goes great with curries.

      2. I still have a piece probably over ten years old. Didn't refrigerate or freeze it (kept at room temp in my cupboard) and just used half of it to make Pad Thai water. Heart is still ticking so I presume it's OK.

        1. It will last in your fridge for eternity. Be sure to boil it well to kill any impurities even if it is newly bought from the store. You can do a lot with it. Make lentils and dump in tamarind water for tartness, make tamarind-ade instead of lemonade, make curry gravies incorporating it...I love fish curry with tamarind in it, sambar, rasam, make chutney with it, make South Indian tamarind rice with it, the possibilities are endless.

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            Wow, never ever thought of tamarind-ade! Do love it in sambar, rasam (with idlis, yum). Now must try to drink it. Thanks!

          2. I buy tamarind frozen, so no problem there.
   a hand full of recipes

            I enjoy using it in marinades, dips, sorbet, smoothies and stir fry.