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Jan 2, 2012 12:37 PM

Too much bechamel! Can I freeze it?

I am dealing right now with another case of a Greek recipe that I found online being wildly over-exuberant in the quantities of one part of the dish or another. A few months ago it was the meat sauce for the I saved the rest and used it for pastitsio today. But today's recipe resulted in at least double the amount of bechamel that I needed to fill up the baking dish. Argh!

Here I am with about two cups of bechamel (butter, flour, milk, egg yolk, nutmeg, pepper). I could turn around this second and make macaroni and cheese by adding a lot more cheese--which is pretty much all my pantry can support right now--or I could store the bechamel until I have a better use for it. Can it be frozen in this state, with the egg yolks already added? If kept in the fridge, how long?

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