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Jan 2, 2012 12:35 PM

China Pearl Quincy for Dimsum

We've gone to the Woburn China Pearl many times, as a convenient alternative to Chinatown, for those who want the whole experience with the carts. We haven't found them to be rude, exactly, but not too communicative. We always chalked this up to the language barrier of the cart pushers. We always enjoyed the food, but were somewhat frustrated by not knowing what was on the cart we were looking at, and what might be coming up next.

This summer, we went to an excellent dim sum place in Toronto, walking distance from our hotel. They did not use carts, and we were a little disappointed at first. Then we used the printed "check-off" menu, in both Chinese and English which allowed us to to select our favorites, and know the ingredients for things we tried, based on the recommendations of the friendly, efficient staff. Each plate came out quickly, and was freshly made and piping hot. We liked it a lot!

On Saturday, we had family visiting, and we were planning a trip to the JFK library. I checked online and saw that China Pearl also has a restaurant in Quincy, so we went there.

It was TERRIFIC! The people were very friendly and helpful. More of the servers spoke some English. If someone didn't speak English, they quickly called over someone who did. In addition, they also had the "check-off" menus, with descriptions of the dishes, and divided by "fried" "baked" "desserts" etc. We were encouraged to use this if we didn't see something we wanted. Sometimes the item was on another cart, sometimes it was in the kitchen. In any case, someone went to get it, or to direct the cart over to our table. Everything was fresh and delicious! Towards the back off the restaurant, there was kitchen-type area, where some of the Chinese people went up, and perhaps special ordered an item (?) Also someone was cooking some of the dishes at a station in the back, so one could go and watch, (we didn't).

The room itself is more like the Chinatown Dimsum places than the Woburn location (which used to be a Kowloon, I think)--a big room filled with tables, mostly peopled by Chinese families. I don't know what it's like on other days, but at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, it was not busy, but it was still lively and fun. Parking was easy (it's in a large strip mall) and it was easy to get to from
Rt. 3/93 South. My husband and nephew wanted to go back yesterday (and today!). Highly recommended! Enjoy (I'm getting hungry!)

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  1. Do you know if they do weekday dim sum?

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      th, yes they do but to me the quality isn't as good as it used to be. We stopped going towards the end of the summer when we got some very bad shrimp based dim sum that made us ill and haven't been back since. Other family members have gone recently and told us that it has definitely gone down hill.

      Back in their prime we used to go just about every sunday with the extended family but no more.

    2. I was there a few months ago, for a late dim sum lunch. I agree that the service was noticeably friendly compared to other places I have had dim sum in Boston. I was also asked what kind of tea I wanted, and was able to request chrysanthemum, which was great - this is probably possible at many dim sum places, but I am not usually asked when I go to places in Chinatown.

      The food itself was fine - I probably would still choose to go to the Hei La Moon or Winsor in Chinatown over Quincy, but if you live in the Quincy area, it's a good option.

      Dave MP

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        how does China Pearl Quincy compare with Grand Chinatown in N Quincy (which I like)?

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          I think you would like CPQ since I feel they are a slight step above GC tho O haven't been there in awhile since our last visit resulted w/inconsistent dim sum & mediocre service...we were dining w/a former server of theirs too.

          I would only go to CPQ on the weekends but not the weekdays (quality & choices are lacking). I feel their food on weekends is more consistent than GC

          Was actually there today & it was so busy that they couldn't get their act straight. After waiting for a table, we decided to get take out. The owner took my order & screwed it up even after I told him what I wanted in chinese 3xs & even pulled out the menu & pointed it to him...well it came out wrong & addressed it with him & he was not happy about it but I told him that the mistake was his since I'd repeated it 3xs & pointed it out on the menu too.

          They are doing construction on what was their bar area.

      2. I agree with the OP. Been here a couple times over the last 5 weeks and the dim sum has been excellent. They are definitely being more english friendly which is so nice to see. The english/chinese check off menu is great, no waiting for what you want.

        Only thing I will add, you don't need to speak chinese to go to the back buffett area. There are a lot of great specials up there. Just bring up your bill and point and the servers will stamp your bill. They keep the best seafood specials up there. They are pricey though...