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Jan 2, 2012 11:43 AM

The Savory Spice shop has opened at Atherton Mill in Charlotte

After reading a recent article in Creative Loafing, I made a mental not to stop by the new spice shop at Atherton Mill.

After putting together a shopping list this morning for an Indian recipe (Nimmy Paul’s Tomato Rice, from 660 Curries), I decided to drop by. Savory Spice Shop is a great little place. They had the mace, cloves & stick cinnamon that I needed, and also a variety I noted for future trips - Dried keffir lime leaves, dried curry leaves, several different kinds of Indian curries, thai green curry powder, etc. They also have a great variey of dry rubs for BBQ’ing, different salts & peppers, and well as what we’d consider traditional spices. I met the owner, Amy MacCabe, and her husband, Scott. Both we very nice, and took time to answer all my questions. When I noticed that they had typical wasabi powder – horseradish dyed green, but also had real Wasabi. Scott & Amy gave my son & I a sample so we could compare them side by side. They will package up your spices as you shop & will sell you as little as you need, or as much as you need. Looks like they also offer gift sets of spices.
A great little find here.

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  1. This place is fantastic. The selection is amazing. I was surprised at how reasonable the prices are and how excellent the quality is.

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      Agreed GFL!
      I especially look forward to trying their dry rubs. Ribs at my house may never be the same.....

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        The thing I really like is that you can buy spices in quantities from ounces to pounds. Inspired by Sara Dickerman's rant on against putting black pepper on everything, I stopped by last week looking for some spices she suggested as replacement. Bought a ounce of Aleppo red pepper, so fresh that it left oil stains on the container. Great stuff. The next time I'm in I will be getting the big bottle.