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Jan 2, 2012 11:34 AM

Ethiopian/Eritrean suggestions?

We are going to be in Portland for one night and are looking for a good Ethiopian or Eritrean place. Preferably open late-ish as we may not be arriving until 8 or 9 pm.

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  1. Blue Nile is Eritrean.

    1. I like Bete Lukas, but they list their hours as 5pm-close (which I hate!!!).

      1. I agree Bete Lukas is great, you could call when you get in

        but I also like Dalo's Kitchen

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I think we're going to try Bete Lukas. I'd really like to try Dalo's but I've heard so many reports of the poor service there, I think we're going to pass since we only have one night and good food is something we miss unbearably in our current area.

          1. We ended up choosing Bete Lukas over Dalo 's to try based on the service review. We've eaten Ethiopian/Eritrean in dozens of restaurants in many different cities and I honestly can't say this is the best one (that would be a fabulous little hole-in-the-wall place in San Diego) but it was definitely one of the nicest in terms of atmosphere & neighborhood. To give the place a fair shake (and because we can never settle on just two or three things anyway), we ordered both the vegetarian and the meat combos. I have to say, I was a bit surprised at the portion sizes...not in a good way. Maybe 2/3 of the size from an 'average' place. Food was quite tasty though. Oddly, dishes that are normally our favorites were not here, and dishes that we don't normally particularly care for were excellent. The others have said...definitely has a quirky sense of humor but the waitress was excellent. Also, I'm a happy camper when my beer is served in a glass straight from the freezer.

            If we lived in Portland, we'd definitely go back. But not until after we gave Dalo's a try...

            Bete Lukas Eth Rest
            2504 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97206

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              thank you for reporting back...I really enjoy both restaurants, I think the quality sines @ Bete Lukas, but I have always had a great meal @ dalo's

              1. re: kstruck

                I too was a bit taken aback by the portion sizes when I first went, but the owner explained that he didn't want people to leave his restaurant bloated. And he has a point - while I know the appeal of Ethiopian restaurants for a lot of people is the huge servings, I usually eat too much and leave waaay too stuffed. I think it may be a myth that injera expands in your stomach, but I think people also don't tend to factor in how much of it they are going to ingest.

                1. re: chalmers

                  I think that is more than a bit of a cop-out/excuse. Sure, there is such a thing as TOO much food. But if we go to dinner just-barely-getting-hungry, two combo platters with an extra order of injera should definitely not leave us a smidge still hungry with zero leftovers. The owner is an interesting character & definitely not what I've experienced elsewhere. From listening to him with other customers, as well as with us, he had a story/justification for EVERYTHING and 99% if it was complete BS from the temp of the injera (which another table complained about) to what he was willing to serve a salad with for the table on the other side. Even why it took him 20 minutes to bring us our bill after we were done eating & our table had been cleared. As I said, I compared portion size to the average for north African food in 5+ cities and dozens of individual restaurants and this place had the smallest portions of ALL of them...wasn't even in the range of 'average'. If the quality was out-of-this-world, I would be fine with that...but it wasn't.