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Jan 2, 2012 10:12 AM

Flat not curly wide egg noodles

Does anyone know where to find flat wide egg noodles? All of the brands around, i.e., Muellers, Pennsylvania Dutch, Manischewitz, etc are curly.

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  1. In Los Angeles, La Brea Kosher Market normally has. If not, try Western Kosher.

    1. I think the Wegman's brand is flat.

      1. I have searched for a long time for wide flat egg noodles; they have to be flat and reasonably wide. I found a brand of not so wide but flat noodles: Better Valu egg noodles made from durham wheat, about 1/2 width that I want, distributed by federated group, inc. , Arlington Heights, Illinois, 60005-1096. This is the best I can find so far, but I will keep searching.