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Jan 2, 2012 09:55 AM

How would you clean a GLAZED pizza stone?

I just bought this awesome Emile Henry glazed pizza stone that can be used in the oven and on the grill, can pretty much bake anything in the oven/grill up to 750 degrees and best of all it can go in the dishwasher! I just used it to bake pizza (which turned out amazing) but cheese bubble off and is now burnt on to it. I tried to get as much off with a sponge as I could, but it still feels rough and caked on. Because it is glazed and can go in the dishwasher do you think it would be safe to use a Brillo pad on it? I know pizza stones are not meant to be always look beautiful, but I wasn't sure about how to clean it. (running it through the dishwasher wouldn't get the burnt crispy feel off)


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  1. Since it is glazed I'd use oven cleaner or Easy Off's new product for cleaning glass and ceramics. With the glazing the products won't soak into the stone and become a health hazard. Just put it on and leave it alone for awhile. If you are using oven cleaner it should rinse off and with the Eaasy Off paste you might try a Scotch Brite.

    1. Maybe try the stuff used on ceramic stove tops. They also come with a scraper that might help do the trick.

      1. If you've got an oven/grill that can reach 750, then just bake it off. 600 will do the trick.

          1. I wouldn't use the brillo pad or a scotch bright pad either over time it will dull the glaze, I use a plastic scaper from pampered chef for cleaning stuff like that, once it cools off comes right off.