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Jan 2, 2012 07:17 AM

pizza/wings [Birmingham]

where is the best price for "nice" pizza and best place for wings besided Buffalo Wild wings- looking to have for BCS game - called BWW and 100 wings are $75.... Daughter goes to BSC and they go to Kings Wings and reviews are good but too far out of way since I live in Crestline but they said it was $30 for 100 wings- HMMMM....

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      1. re: hlsess

        City and state? This board covers AL, MS, LA and AR.

    1. It sounds like you might be looking for take out? I don't know about their take out and its not quite over the mountain, but Courtyard Southside (Five Points) has really good wings and they are usually $0.25/each during Bama games. Warning, it is a dive. Spicy Teriyaki and Hot are the way to go.

      My favorite pizza is Bettola downtown in Pepper Place but it is Neapolitan and not your typical takeout pizza. If you are in Crestline you probably already know that Davenport's is good.

      1. My favorite for takeout pizza is Maffioza's in Crestline Village.

        My favorite for wings are the amazing wings at Moe's Barbecue in Lakewood.

        1. I like On Tap's wings and they do platters but prices will be about the same as BWW. The problem with takeout wings is everyone encloses them in something so they get soggy really quickly.

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          1. re: Dax

            thanks-- I called On Tap and their platter of 75 wings is $54 - I am now thinking that i'll just get pizza and make a salad... I do want to go to On Tap though -read good things about it...

            1. re: hlsess

              Their wings are much larger than BWW's, so you will get more cluck for your buck (sorry) if you do OT.

              1. re: Big Daddy

                I picked up wings Friday night at OT and they were very good.. I just looked at Mafiaozo's- they are closed tomorrow so I now am thinking I'll get pizzas from Dave's or Yankee Pizzeria ...for the BCS party

                1. re: hlsess

                  We need to get a bunch of us together and open up a Wild Wing Cafe franchise out here. How I miss it. One thing I discovered locally though that I really like are the "butt rub" wings at Baumhower's. It's a dry rub and while a bit salty, the wings are delicious. That particular prep actually restored my faith in their wings. Another good wing choice (although not perhaps for a "bulk purchase") are the wings at Sweet Bones Alabama. I was very pleasantly surprised with their wings.

                  It is pretty amazing that in a town this size there aren't more excellent wings choices.

                  1. re: curej

                    curej, I strongly recommend that you try the wing's at Moe's in Lakeview. I'm not a fan of their barbecue but a coworker raved about their wings so much I decided to try them. I almost changed my mind while waiting at the counter to order when I noticed a wing meal is only $1 cheaper than a rib meal.

                    After tasting the first wing, I understand. They can charge me anything they want for their wings. They're that good.

                    1. re: mahalan

                      Moe's wings are the best.... I went to pick up pizza at Yankee last night and some guys sitting at bar said BWW had to quit taking orders for wings last night .... Yankee was almost out of wings too....Pizza was Ok- I prefer it hot out of oven and we let is sit but it was all eaten-no problems.... AND Bama won!!!!

                      1. re: hlsess

                        I'll have to try them again. I had the wings at the Vestavia Moe's and wasn't impressed.

                        1. re: hlsess

                          Went to Moes and had their wings yesterday (Lakeview, not VH location). I'm a fan now. Thanks for the heads up. Also, Bob Marley videos on their TVs. Excellent.