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Jan 2, 2012 06:47 AM

Need dining recommendation - one night in Nashville...

Traveling through on business tonight. Need a can't-miss dining option somewhere near Vanderbilt. Thanks!

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  1. "Can't miss" is relative, as is "near Vanderbilt."

    All of these are relatively close to VU, in the general midtown/downtown area. Cab to/from won't be that expensive if you're cabbing it. I've chosen a variety of types and proximities to VU.

    City House
    Kayne Prime
    Capitol Grille (Hermitage Hotel)
    Cha Chah
    Midtown Cafe / Sunset Grill / Cabana (all owned by same folks, choice would depend on menu/ambiance preferences)
    1808 Grille (Hutton Hotel)