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Jan 1, 2012 09:42 PM

"Pizza bread" for Italian style hotdogs?

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Does anyone know how they make this "pizza bread" for Italian style hotdogs? I grew up in Newark in the 50's where this originated and although I make the hotdogs at home, I now bake bread and can't find a recipe or anything about this bread. Did this bread also originate in Newark? Maybe from left over pizza dough?

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  1. I realize you are looking for a recipe and unfortunately, I cannot help you there. I was just curious, do you not live in the NJ/NY area any longer? Because I can find the round bread in the bakery section of the supermarket, besides the Italian bakeries themselves. If all else fails at least you will have a back up...

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      I am able to purchase pizza bread, I am still in the NJ area but I've been baking my own bread and would like to bake this bread. I cannot find a recipe anywhere as it's a local thing and I put posts out all over. I'm surprised bakers didn't get this on the Internet to keep a good thing going like other bread recipes.

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        Thanks Emme, I do recall seeing this somewhere about pizza dough being used. It's possible but the bakeries I went to growing up in Newark were bread bakeries only and someone mentioned that the bread is made with left over pizza dough.

      2. This may be off the wall since I never have baked pizza bread, but I do make thin crust pizza. Make pizza dough and cut it to roll each hot dog in it. Then bake the rolled hot dogs until they look right to you.

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          Did you try just baking the pizza dough as a panella, instead of rolling it out? When I use pizza dough to make Escarole bread, if the dough is not stretched out enough it comes out pretty thick, like a focaccia.

          Maybe try posting on the baking board...or call Calandras 973-226-8889.

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            I am going to try this, bake pizza dough in a 9" pie plate and brush it with olive oil, make a hole in the middle. Jerseygirl, are you from the Newark area as you refer to the round pugliese bread as a panella, what I know it as and Grandma called it. Also what is Escarole bread? I bake breads and love escarole, but never heard of this. Do you think Calandra's would give me their recipe for pizza bread? I doubt it. Thanks so much for your help!

        2. FYI, to you that replied to be helpful. I baked and experimented with dough. I first tried pizza dough and baked it in a 9" round pie pan. It came out ok but it's not the "pizza bread" that I'm use to for so many years. I suspected that the dough is more enriched than pizza dough, so the dough I made the second time was closer to white bread. This is what I thought all along and DW even remarked how good it was. We ate it tonight with sausage , peppers and onions on it. So Good! I also enrich my bread somewhat for Ciabatta adding dry milk, olive oil and sugar to the dough.

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            Actually, I was born in Newark! Both parents were from Newark, but we moved to central NJ when I was little. Now as an adult I live down the shore. I worked in an Italian bakery as a teen, but they actually brought their bread in every morning from Brooklyn. Alas, I am not a bread maker. I think if you called Calandras, at the very least you could ask them if they use pizza dough or a different recipe for the pizza bread. They should at least be willing to tell you that much.

            Escarole bread, ahh. I can only describe it as an escarole and olive sandwich. It is basically pizza dough rolled out into an oiled roasting pan, spread cooked escarole, grated parm and sliced olives on top, top with another oiled, salt and peppered pizza dough and baked. Best served cold, we make it during the summer for parties. I can give you more detailed instructions if you want, but there are no exact measurements as my aunt never measured anything.

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              Your escarole bread sounds like something I'd love. Would you mind giving a little more info? How thick is the dough? Cooked or raw escarole? Thank you!

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                Thanks, I can probably figure it out as I had to do with my families' handful of this, a pinch of that. One question, is it rolled like pepperoni and cheese or does the cooked escarole sit on top like pizza? I love escarole, all ways. See my post above yours on my experiment with the pizza bread.

                Did you ever imagine that "pizza bread" and the "Italian style hot dog" originates from the city we were born in? And that city, Newark, was a great city at one time. My opinion from growing up there and stories my Parents told me.

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                  Escarole Pie

                  2lbs pizza dough, divided or (2) 1 lb each
                  5 heads escarole
                  Black olives, canned, sliced
                  Green olives, canned sliced
                  Parmesan, grated
                  Black pepper

                  Overcook escarole in salted water till stems are soft. Drain and squeeze out excess water. In big bowl, mix escarole, oil and cheese. Mix well. Taste. Make sure to taste. In metal roasting pan, pour oil, put down 1 pizza dough, spread escarole over dough then put sliced olives on top. Place other dough on top. Spread some oil, cheese and black pepper with your hands. Bake at 400 till golden brown.

                  Okay, so it doesn't say how much olives, I've used 1 can of each, I have no idea how much she used. It doesn't say how much grated cheese, I buy the small plastic tub of pregrated and use Parm or Locatelli interchangeably, no idea how much but not the entire container. It doesn't say what type or quantity of oil. I assume she used olive, but could also have just been vegetable oil. You do have to roll out the dough flat like a pizza but because you bake it in a large retangular metal roasting pan, it should fit in the pan. It is a big pan, 12x19 not a reg 13x9. Do not pinch the upper and lower crusts together, the escarole should separate them. The crusts should be chewy not crispy like a cracker. If you have big pizza doughs, your crust will be thicker, more like a focaccia If you are comfortable cooking/baking without an exact recipe, you will be fine it comes together easily. It is better a day later and cold.

                  I guess I never think much about Newark since my parents and grandparents are gone. I still have relatives in Bloomfield. I do miss the black and white cake though, especially around the holidays. I am lucky to still have good Italian bakeries around where I live, so I don't have to travel far for bread.

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                    Just reading some old threads. What part of Newark was your Family from? I was from 14th Ave and there were bread bakeries all over. I use to go to the bakery for Grandma and get the "panella".

            2. Since you been working on a recipe for this bread are you going to post a recipe for us non-professional breadmakers. There was a guy that made this bread at a pizza place in New Jersey and they closed and i've looking for a bread ever since.