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Jan 2, 2012 05:58 AM

Honeymoon trip in May. Feedback appreciated.

I will be traveling to Barcelona in late May for my Honeymoon. My fiancee and I are adventurous eaters and have never been to Spain. We currently live in Miami and used to live in Chicago. We are very excited for this trip and I have researched most of the posts on this board. Below is a draft itinerary and I would greatly appreciate any feedback from those who have been to these places and are familiar with Barcelona. We will have 6 nights in Barcelona. We arrive on a Tuesday and leave on Monday (we then go to San Sebastian and Portugal). We are staying at a hotel on Las Ramblas.


Lunch: Explore the Boquerio with lunch at Quim.

Dinner: Explore Barcelona tapas bars


Lunch: Tapas 24

Dinner: Alkimia (Reservation request pending)


Lunch: Sant Pau. [We are taking the train]

Dinner: 41 Degrees (Hopeful to get reservation when they become available)


Lunch: El Vaso De Oro

Dinner: Tickets (Hopeful to get reservation when they become available)


Lunch: El Celler De Can Roca (Taking train. Reservation request pending)

Dinner: Gelonch or Berri Tatika? [Suggestion?]



Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Congratulations on your honeymoon.
    Your restaurant plans all look good to me.
    But be careful about pacing.
    For example, Saturday is overdose. After Can Roca, I would not - could not - do a full dinner. It may be better to have a light tapas snack with a glass of wine in lieu of real dinner that evening. When you eat too much and have major meals in too rapid successions, you actually start to enjoy less instead of more, and your memory of Can Roca which should stand out becomes blurred. I think you should honor such experience better.
    That's how I would feel any way.

    I would also suggest that El Vaso de Oro can be combined with your tapas bar tour on your first day. That day seems to be more centered in the old town. Is that your plan? If so, that evening you can very well do a tapas crawl starting at Vaso de Oro at 7pm before it is swarmed by the major Barceloneta partying crowd, then onto the Basque bars in the Borne which is a very nice short walk away.

    Lastly, Barcelona is a sprawling city with many good eateries in all the different 'hoods. On such a short trip as yours, you may want to do some research on the eateries near and around where you are going to visit, instead of crisscrossing town to meet a specific restaurant list and losing much time in commute. -- If you are already planning this way, then ignore me. :-)

    1. I'm with Parigi. Pace your food and pair up your sightseeing with good eats. Avoid zigzags and ricochets across town.

      Lunch at El Celler de Can Roca is almost a day-trip in itself. Round-trip train ride, long meal etc. I would 1) go earlier and sightsee in Girona and 2) NOT go to Gelonch. Something light is best.

      Ditto Sant Pau. The commute is easier but again, it would be a waste to dilute your memories of such a fabulous experience with a big dinner at 41 Degrees. Unless they change the concept again, 41 is only offering a 141 euro tasting menu. Perhaps you can switch and go to Tickets on this evening OR better -- put Quimet i Quimet down on your list for montaditos and drinks.

      Regarding La Boqueria, I haven't been to El Quim but I do love Bar Pinotxo. I prefer to go earlier and make it a early or late breakfast/brunch. (I still remember when I was a Tapas Virgin and I asked on this forum about Tapas Etiquette, LOL!) The market is always bustling but 8:30-9:30 am, it seems more civilized and less crowded. Imho, 'lunchtime' is when tourists go. If you can eat early, you can get on with your sightseeing.

      Taktika Berri is a traditional Basque restaurant/bar in L'Eixample. We ate there twice the 1st time we visited Barcelona. The pintxos are a bit cheaper than in touristy Barri Gotic and the Born. The beef steak was oh-so delicious and cheap by North American standards (15 euros).

      At the risk of sounding like a broken old record, my favourite Sunday in Barcelona goes like this:
      - coffee / pastry / jamon iberico sandwich (bikini) at Escriba
      - 12 pm or so: watch the Sardana dancers in front of Barcelona Catedral
      - walk through Barri Gotic to Barceloneta beach for paella or fideua at Kaiku
      - stare at nude sunbathers and nude cyclists through my dark sunglasses
      - grab some gelato at Vioko on the way back into town
      - attempt to walk off some of the calories by visiting the Picasso museum or the Museu d'Historia de la Ciutat, with its underground Roman ruins

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      1. re: Aleta

        "I'm with Parigi"
        And I'm with Aleta. :-)
        However, I am actually a big fan of El Qim at Boqueria and consider the cipirones there a hadj. So go crazy, vonhays !

        1. re: Parigi

          Thank you. I will scale it back as suggested.

          1. re: vonhayes91b

            Just to chime in with Parigi and Aleta, a meal at Sant Pau or El Celler De Can Roca will fill you up for the whole day. I had lunch at El Celler up to about 5 pm and then took the train back to Barcelona. We then had a late dinner (normal by Spanish standards) at 9.30 pm at Tickets because that was the only booking we could get. Although we still enjoyed ourselves, there were other dishes at Tickets I would like to have tried but could not fit in. In comparison, we had lunch another day at Can Fabes and did not end up having dinner - that was just nice.

            aleta, I did the 2nd half of your Sunday ie. lunch at Kaiku (fideua) and Barceloneta beach walk up to the W. I saw the sunbathers but no nude cyclists ;)

            1. re: mikey8811


              When exactly did you go? I hope you mean that you visited sometime in the summer, before the temperature dipped below a nudie's comfort zone, LOL! Glad to hear you missed the nude cyclist. I really don't think that's a healthy sport. :-)

              Hope you enjoyed Kaiku.

              1. re: Aleta

                I don't think the naked dudes have an off season. I've seen nudists there whilst we were sitting at a terrace in our winter jackets.

                  1. re: Aleta

                    Double yikes! In all my trips to the city I've never had the (dis)pleasure of seeing bicyclists in their birthday suits.

                    1. re: erica

                      There's also the painted naked geezer on the Ramblas.
                      Remember: don't look. Just don't.

                      1. re: Parigi

                        ha ha! That's the tatooed man my Barcelona friends call The Elephant Man. I have a link to a website done by someone who followed him and took pictures of both him and the reactions of passers-by. It's priceless.

                        I just wonder if anyone stopped eating their churros in mid-bite.

                1. re: Aleta

                  I went in late September/ early October. I was expecting autumnal weather but it was pretty hot. I was in t-shirt and shorts most of the time. The nude sunbathers were out in force. There was even a guy with a prosthetic leg who had to take it off when showering....

                  I enjoyed Kaiku. I liked the sea anemone fritters and the smoked rice but the desserts were pedestrian.

                  Parigi, I also missed the painted naked geezer at Las Ramblas... sheez...