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Jun 3, 2006 09:30 PM

Deep fried twinkies and mars bars - do they exist in LA?

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Anywhere in LA county where one can get a deep fried twinkie or mars bar without having to travel to a state fair?

I've never had any one of these things - are they even good?

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    Reality Check

    H. Salt Fish and Chips has a deep fried candy bar, either a mars or milky way. They have a few locations in LA.

    1. Sorry Bud, I think you're gonna have to wait for the L.A.County Fair in September fot that stuff. I've had the DF Twinkie & Oreo> Both pretty good.

      1. The Northridge Farmer's Market used to have a stand that did them -- not sure if it's still there this season.

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          Yes, they were at the farmers market last year. I dont know if they have them again this year but NR farmers market is once again open. I verified this with the number on the site. Here is the link...


        2. On the Santa Monica Pier, one of the stands in the little food court area that serves ice cream sells deep fried twinkies too. Have fun!

          1. How about tempura twinkies?