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Deep fried twinkies and mars bars - do they exist in LA?

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Anywhere in LA county where one can get a deep fried twinkie or mars bar without having to travel to a state fair?

I've never had any one of these things - are they even good?

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    Reality Check

    H. Salt Fish and Chips has a deep fried candy bar, either a mars or milky way. They have a few locations in LA.

    1. Sorry Bud, I think you're gonna have to wait for the L.A.County Fair in September fot that stuff. I've had the DF Twinkie & Oreo> Both pretty good.

      1. The Northridge Farmer's Market used to have a stand that did them -- not sure if it's still there this season.

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          Yes, they were at the farmers market last year. I dont know if they have them again this year but NR farmers market is once again open. I verified this with the number on the site. Here is the link...

          Link: http://www.cafarmersmarkets.com/showM...

        2. On the Santa Monica Pier, one of the stands in the little food court area that serves ice cream sells deep fried twinkies too. Have fun!

          1. How about tempura twinkies?

            Link: http://www.cornerusa.com/ziings/menu6...

            1. Dodger Dogs at the Universal Citywalk has deep fried snicker's bars.

              1. I can't even imagine what would happen to a Twinkie if you applied heat to it, but my instincts tell me that it must be similar to what happens when you burn styrofoam or plastic.

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                  Haha -- that's my first thought too years back, until I tried one. It was AMAZING (think cream-filled funnel cake). But, it was also pretty disgusting in hindsight so I only had it twice.

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                    Both "AMAZING" and "pretty disgusting"? You don't usually see those two adjectives used to simultaneously describe the same thing.

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                      Both "AMAZING" and "pretty disgusting" PLUS "only had it twice" = hilarious!

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                  Sunshine Girl

                  Sadly, our dearly departed LuLu's on Sawtelle used to offer the deep-fried twinkies. Apparently, that place was a big hit with Ozzy Osborne, but LuLu, the owner, just wasn't making enough to keep the place.

                  The deep fried twinkie really wasn't that different than any other fried item. However, she served it with ice cream and whipped cream and some chocolate sauce, so think of other sweet-fried items and those toppings. Pretty darn tasty. And no, the twinkie did not fall apart, explode, implode, or anything like that. Just tasty with sweet fried batter.

                  1. I've never had one, but my beloved OP Cafe on Ocean Park in SM has 'em...and homemade coffee cake (mmmmmmm.....)

                    1. OC Fair starts next week! No doubt there will be stands there! :)


                      1. Yup, they have them at P6 in Westlake Village.

                        1. I'd say don't bother. I've tried a deep-fried Twinkie and an Oreo and neither one was better than the original.

                          1. I tried to find OP Cafe on Citysearch since it's in my hood. Address please?


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                              The OP Cafe is at 31st and Ocean Park in Santa Monica...about 5 (short) blocks west of Centinela. It's right across the street from a Coffee Bean.

                            2. I've tried them two ways. One with a batter, and one without.

                              Interesting with a batter, think sponge without.

                              Mine were from the LA County Fair.

                              Didn't care for the Snickers AT ALL!

                              1. The Infield, the hot dog stand in Sherman Oaks at the intersection of Ventura and Beverly Glen, has a fried twinkie on its menu. It also lists a "twinkie dog" which contains a fried twinkie, cheez wiz and powdered sugar.

                                I have never been so I cannot vouch for it.

                                1. I recently spotted them at the Eagle Rock Farmers market, Friday night. Its practically across from Oinkster.

                                  The deep fried Twinkies were being sold at a Mexican food stand near the Kettle Corn stand.

                                  2005 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA

                                  1. I just ate at a Alondra Hot Wings in Alhambra that has Deep Fried Twinkies.


                                    1. Wow,

                                      These sound too good to be true. Thanks for the info.