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Jan 1, 2012 09:38 PM

Creamy Speculoos in Vancouver?

Does anyone know where I can find speculoos spread? This is a creamy spread made from speculaas, those thin and tasty spice cookies. It comes in a jar similar to peanut butter, under the brand name Lotus. Speculoos spread is highly addictive... a must try.

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  1. if you drive across the border to WA, Trader Joes starting carrying it.

    1. I am not certain - try European Specialty Importers on Prior St near the VIA rail station. They all sorts of Dutch stuff there.

      1. You can order it directly from I just got an order, shipped very quickly. They have a crunchy version as well. Get the cookies too.

        1. A brand named Penotti is launching similar products in Canada, although they're usually mixed with chocolate or similar. I know that some Save Ons have listed them...

          1. For an arm and a leg you can buy Biscoff Spread at Stong's. Over the summer I became so obsessed with locating a jar that I emailed Anna's customer service. For some reason they said it wasn't available at any retailers here but I found it at Stong's couple weeks later.